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Wingo Egg Shaker - J443
Approximately (8cm) long, a Wingo Shaker fits comfortably in your hand and produces a medium-loud, natural sound when shaken. Each shaker is individually hand carved from an egg-shaped Wingo nut so patterns/designs will vary. ..
SKU: J443
Shekere - E2425
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 36 cm long, 53 cm around. As this is a natural product sizes may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2425
Seed Shaker - E562
This shaker is made from hollowed-out seeds individually attached to a plaited handle, gives a crisp, bright sound. The handle and shaker together measure approx. 20 cm long.  ..
SKU: E562
REMO Fruit Shake® pack - SC-ASRT-07
The Fruit Shake® pack is available in a 7-piece assorted pack which includes an orange, pear, banana, apple, plum, avocado and lemon. Constructed of hard, molded plastic with internal non-toxic beads creating a soft musical sound, the The Fruit Shake® packs are ideal for Recreational and professional applications ranging from Drum Circles to live p..
NINO Wood Egg Shaker, Medium - NINO563
WOOD EGG SHAKER, MEDIUM NINO® Wood Egg Shakers are very handy because of their shape. They also have a great sound. Suitable for ages 3+ Material Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.) Model NINO563 ..
SKU: Nino563
NINO single egg shaker, purple - N54OAU
NINO® Egg Shakers are vital to every percussion collection. They have an extremely pronounced and crystal clear sound. Sold singly. ..
NINO Set 48 Handle Egg Maracas - VE48-NINO569
PLASTIC EGG MARACAS with handle 48 PCS. NINO® Egg Maracas are made from a special plastic material. They have a very clear and pronounced sound and are perfect maracas for children. Suitable for ages 3+ This set contains 48 egg maracas with handles, in a rattan basket. Content 12 x GG = Grass-Green 12 x OR = Orange 12 x R = Red 12 x SB..
NINO School bus shaker - NINO956
SCHOOL BUS SHAKER The School Bus Shaker from NINO® is made from birch wood and comes in a size perfect for children to hold comfortably, allowing them to create fun sounds with the familiar school bus design. The filling inside creates powerful shaker sounds and may be used in any classroom music setting. Size  14cm (5 ½") long Material..
NINO Mega Fruit and Vegetable Shaker Set - NINOSET536
NINO® 36 piece Mega Fruit and Vegetable Shaker Set NINO® shakers are made from high quality plastic filled with non-toxic steel shot. These fruit and vegetable imitations look amazingly real and create a great variety of sounds. This set contains 36 fruit and vegetable shakers in two rattan baskets: 4 x Apple 10 x Banana 2 x Lemon 2 x Man..
Mother Owl Shaker J257
The Mother Owl is a big 30cm shaker filled with seeds. A beautiful and wonderful shaker. ..
SKU: J257
Mini Shekere - E2422
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 15 cm long, As this is a natural product and sizes may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2422
Mini mexican hardwood maracas - E739
These Professional quality mini tri-colour maracas are made from selected hardwoods and sound great. 18 cm long. Pair. ..
SKU: E739
Mexican hardwood maracas, 27 cm long - E741
These Professional quality Tri-coloured maracas are made from selected hardwoods and are 27 cm long . ..
SKU: E741
Mexican hardwood maracas - 20cm long - E740
These professional quality maracas are made from selected hardwoods and come in various colours. Pair. 20 cm. ..
SKU: E740
MEINL Motion Shaker - MS-BK
MOTION SHAKER MEDIUM The Motion Shaker from MEINL is a hands-free instrument that lets you effortlessly add the dimension and texture of a shaker while you play other instruments. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for a secure, comfortable fit on the fingers. FEATURES Cutting shaker sound Comfortable to wear on your finger..
MEINL Mini Cajon Shaker - SH50
Carry a cajon in the palm of your hand! This small wooden shaker looks like a miniature cajon and delivers clear, cutting shaker sounds. Made from Baltic Birch (Betula pendula) 2” (5cm) W x 2 ¾” (7cm) H x 2” (5cm) deep. Natural colour. YouTube has a good demonstration of this shaker. ..
MEINL Maraclaves - MCL2BG
The MEINL Maraclaves are an exciting hybrid percussion instrument. They are a pairing of full volume maraca "bulbs" mounted on solid American White Ash "handles." The result is a new way to combine the two timbres inside an efficient set of movements. MEINL Maraclaves offer new possibilities in sounds, rhythms, and showmanship! ..
MEINL Foot Shaker - FS-BK
FOOT SHAKER Equip your feet with the Foot Shaker from MEINL! This is a hands-free instrument that delivers a precise, cutting shaker effect to go with any beat and set up. The shaker is placed at an angle on the strap to produce a short, controlled sound that can accompany any instrument. FEATURES Cutting shaker sound Easy Mountable ..
MEINL - Cone
CONE-STACK The MEINL Cone-Stack is a fourchambered shaker with some wild characteristics. Two balanced chambers are connected with a center screw, and may be played as a pair, or as one shaker. As a pair, they have a high and a low side, plus an open bell, also tuned high and low. They can be played like maracas. Screw them together, and you get..
SKU: Cone
LP Toca Jingle-Shake - TJS-BK
The LP Toca Percussion Jingle-Shake is a combination of a tambourine and shaker in one. A great add-on to any percussion set-up. It features four rows of nickel-plated jingles and a removeable "screw top" shaker cylinder. The shaker cylinder contains non-toxic, stainless-steel ball bearings and the sound may be customized by adjusting the amount..
LP RhythMix Egg Shakers - E737
Suitable for ages 2+. Sold in pairs. Assorted colours. These egg shakers provide quick, delicate, and responsive shaker sounds that the percussionist of any playing level can appreciate. While their durable plastic construction and non-toxic steel fill can withstand the rigours of the rowdiest play, children will most enjoy their small portab..
SKU: E737
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