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Wood based instruments

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EMUS 20 cm headless tambourine, 5pr. jingles - E630
Hardwood rim, nickel-silver jingles, clear, sharp jingle effect. 20 cm. Seven pairs of jingles. ..
SKU: E630
Turtle Guiro - G-TURTLE2
This little guiro is a work of art. It sounds great as an instrument and makes an adorable desk ornament. Meticulously hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods, attractive wood staining. 2" x 5" (12.5cm). Comes with guiro stick. ..
Timber Drum - T18-M
Timber Drum Company wood drums are handcrafted in the U.S.A. out of solid American hardwoods that are harvested exclusively from sustainable managed forests. 6 distinctly different tones. Each drum is made by hand one at a time to produce an outstanding sound. Unlimited rhythm combinations. Try different mallets to vary the sound. 18" (45..
SKU: T18-M
Owl Whistle 4" - G-OWL4
Blow into the hole on the top of his head for a realistic owl sound. This smaller owl has a reasonably high pitch. Carved wood approximately 4" (10cm) tall. ..
Orchestra Handle Castanets, 20cm long - E579
Hand-carved, Spanish design, made of high quality grenadilla wood. Beautiful tone. 20cm long. ..
SKU: E579
Nino Wood Claves, small - N502
Claves are an essential instrument in Latin music and shouldn’t be missing from any percussion set up. NINO® Wood Claves are available in both small and regular sized models. The Nino 502 was especially designed to fit a child’s hand size. 15cm (6") long, 1.25cm (0.5") diameter. Sold by the pair. Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell...
SKU: N502
Multi-tone tank with handle - E790
Played by running the beater inside the tank. The eight graduated wooden tongues produce a musical effect similar to the sound of water. Complete with wooden mallet. Barrel height is 15 cm, overall length, including handle is 27 cm. The handle is removable so the tank may also be played while placed on a table. ..
SKU: E790
Mini mexican hardwood maracas - E739
These Professional quality mini tri-colour maracas are made from selected hardwoods and sound great. 18 cm long. Pair. ..
SKU: E739
Mexican wood guiro with scraper - E749
Hand made. Popular fishtail design. Produces interesting percussion effects. 35cm long. Comes with scraper. ..
SKU: E749
Mexican mini hardwood claves 14cm long - E682
The same professional quality as E680 but smaller in size, designed for small children. 14 cm overall length, 2 cm diameter. ..
SKU: E682
Mexican hardwood maracas, 27 cm long - E741
These Professional quality Tri-coloured maracas are made from selected hardwoods and are 27 cm long . ..
SKU: E741
Mexican hardwood maracas - 20cm long - E740
These professional quality maracas are made from selected hardwoods and come in various colours. Pair. 20 cm. ..
SKU: E740
Mexican Hardwood Claves  - E680
Deluxe professional claves made of the finest hardwoods available. 20cm x 3cm. ..
SKU: E680
Gourd Guiro - E2420
Traditional guiro crafted from a natural gourd. Approximately 36cm long and 30cm around. As these are made from a natural product size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2420
Fluted and plain 23cm rhythm sticks - E652T
These rhythm sticks are perfect for preschoolers!  One fluted stick and one plain stick per set. Available in orange.  Hardwood dowels with rounded ends, nicely finished in bright non-toxic paint. Shorter than our standard rhythm sticks so they are easier for younger children to handle. 9" (23cm) long.    ..
SKU: E652T
Finger Cajon savings bank - J0222
Cajon means "(musical) box" and in this case -a very small musical box. With your fingers you can tap out righteous rhythms and also save your pennies. 17cm (6 3/4") x 10cm (4") x (8cm) (3 1/4".)   ..
SKU: J0222
EMUS wood block - E672
An ideal block for any rhythm class. 7.25" (18cm). Comes with mallet. ..
SKU: E672
EMUS tick-tock block - E668
Gives two distinct tones when struck. Mallet included. (19 cm) overall length, (3cm) diameter. 7.5" long ..
SKU: E668
EMUS maple wood mallets - M10
Maple wood - suitable for Rhythm instruments ..
SKU: M10
EMUS guiro tone block - E671
Strike for a sharp tone or scratch the barrel for a guiro effect. Mallet included. (20cm) overall length, (4.4cm) maximum diameter. ..
SKU: E671
Castanets, two pairs, 9cm x 6cm - E577
Beautifully grained wood, crisp sound. Set includes two pairs. 9cm x 6cm. ..
SKU: E577
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