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Blog Posts

The Dirt on Cleaning Stretchy Bands
"If more than a spot cleaning is needed Option 1 is absolutely the easier way to go! The spin cycle..." ..
Wooden Instruments and Climate Care
"High heat, especially when combined with high humidity, may potentially melt and “undo” glue joints. This may happen on Orff boxes but at particular risk of coming loose are…"..
Review of Jockomo Inlay Decal Stickers for Ukulele and Guitar
"...the decals are very sturdy, and by reading and following the directions I was able to decorate my ukulele without any form of disaster."..
Product Review: The T18-M Slit Tongue Log Drum from The Timber Drum Company
"Someone really paid attention when this drum was made, and it is apparent that they really mean it when their drums are stamped "Hand Made - Built in the USA"."..
Welcome to January: Product Samples Arriving Daily.
"Safety and durability are key components of testing a product. That sounds much fancier and more scientific than it really is: we’re trying to break stuff." ..
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