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Welcome to January: Product Samples Arriving Daily.

Welcome to January: Product Samples Arriving Daily.

Ah, January.  The beginning of a new year that brings new promise, new challenges, and new products.

At least that’s how many manufacturers view it.  Every January we receive an incredible number of samples from companies hoping that we will like their products and feature them in our web store or the print catalogue. We receive all sorts of the latest and greatest, and many of the items are bright and colourful, have a specialized sound, or seem like they would be lots of fun.

Today we tried some new recorders. Usually several of us try each model against an existing product and then share our opinions.  We agreed that we really liked the sweet, full tone of the samples, but didn’t like the bags. We will request that the manufacturer provide an upgraded bag as part of our order, because those new recorders (both English/Baroque and German-fingering) sounded “mighty fine”.

Rhythm sticks were also on the testing block. They are milled of hardwood and made for us in the USA.  All the paint and finishes are certified lead and phthalate free, which really matters when small children might be chewing on them. Safety and durability are key components of testing a product. That sounds much fancier and more scientific than it really is:  we’re trying to break stuff. 

Happily all the rhythm sticks passed the “wild child” test. They didn’t dent and the paint didn’t rub or scrape off. It’s wonderful to see all colours of the rhythm sticks back in stock!

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