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The Dirt on Cleaning Stretchy Bands

The Dirt on Cleaning Stretchy Bands

There are several approaches to washing dirty Stretchy Bands:


Option 1: 

Tie the entire Stretchy Band into a pillow case or large lingerie/delicates bag and wash on a regular cycle in cold or warm water only (don’t use hot water) Hang to dry.


Option 2: 

Locate the “join” along the Stretchy Band and undo the velcro closure. Untie the knot in the tubing and then remove the tubing from the cloth covering. Set the tubing aside. Tie the cloth covering into a pillow case or large lingerie/delicates bag and wash on a regular cycle. Dry on regular heat. (Inside the bag perhaps if you have other wash in the dryer at that time - the Stretchy Band tends to tangle things up and keep them from drying well). Thread the tubing back into the fabric casing, re-tie the knot, and close the velcro.


Option 3:

Spot clean as needed with soap or detergent. Rinse well. Remove excess moisture by squeezing the area with a towel. Hang to dry.




If more than a spot cleaning is needed Option 1 is absolutely the easier way to go! The spin cycle of the washing machine removes most of the water and the Stretchy Band will dry over a weekend if draped inside, or only take several hours if hung outside.


Using a pillow case or lingerie bag to contain the Stretchy Band in the washing machine keeps it from tangling around other clothes or parts of the machine. 


The latex-free tubing may become brittle if exposed to the high heat of hot water or a clothes dryer. 


No special detergent is required - you can even wash the Stretchy Band in with your other laundry!

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