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Brazilian Agogo Bells - E2427
The two bells can be clicked together by squeezing the handle and at the same time each bell can be struck separately. Overall length 34 cm; 1 bell 10 cm long, 1 bell 15 cm long.   ..
SKU: E2427
Castanet with holder - SC-200
Castanet with holder for easy use. Comes in green. 2" diameter.   ..
SKU: SC-200
Cat Guiro with Whistle 3" - G-CAT3
This little guiro is a work of art. It sounds great as an instrument and makes an adorable desk ornament. Meticulously hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods. 3" tall, comes with guiro stick. Scrape the cat's back for a traditional guiro sound or blow as a high-pitch whistle. ..
EMUS 20 cm tambourine, 8 pr. jingles - E1048
Good quality, plastic rim, thumb hole, nickel silver jingles, synthetic head. Rim colours may vary. ..
SKU: E1048
EMUS 20cm  hand drum - E1028
Good quality, plywood rim, mylar head. Rim colours may vary. ..
SKU: E1028
EMUS 25cm hand drum - E1030
Good quality, wood rim, mylar head. Rim colours may vary. ..
SKU: E1030
EMUS replacement triangle striker - E686S
Replacement striker for E686/E688. ..
SKU: E686S
EMUS temple blocks - ETB-5
Five blocks made from solid oak with laminated frame for beautifully resonant, clean crisp sound. Comes with an adjustable heavy-duty stand and one pair of mallets. Blocks are 8.25cm, 8.9cm, 11.4cm, 12.7cm, and 15.25cm ..
Groove Master 16"(40cm) Octagon Drum - E2661
16”(40cm) Deluxe Octagonal First Nations Hand Drum: The drum is considered a sacred instrument by First Nations peoples. Used primarily for ceremonial or celebratory occasions. The Groove Masters Deluxe Octagonal First Nations drum is made using high quality woods, covered with rawhide Goatskin. The rope handle is directly mounted to the drums f..
SKU: E2661
Groove Master 16"(40cm) Thunder Drum - E2355
16”(40cm) Round First Nations Thunder Drum High Quality, Deluxe 16”(40cm) Round First Nations Hand Drum:  The drum is considered a sacred instrument by First Nations peoples. It is used most often in ceremony and celebration. The Groove Masters Deluxe First Nations drum has a mahogany shell, and is beautifully wrapped with high quality rawh..
SKU: E2355
MANHASSET 48 stand - E911
Manhasset 48 stand. "Magic-finger clutch" permits automatic positioning between 28" (71cm) and 50" (127cm) with use of one hand only. Book rest 20" (50cm) width by 12 3/4" (32cm) high. Heavy gauge aluminum alloy. ..
SKU: E911
MEINL turbo cabasa extra small - CA5BK-XS
MINI TURBO CABASA X-SMALL The MEINL Turbo Cabasas are a great innovation, with significantly more volume than normal cabasas. This comes from the sound ports in the resonating chamber. The Turbo Cabasas bring the classic cabasa sound to a new level that will cut through any sonic environment ..
Mexican hardwood maracas - 20cm long - E740
These professional quality maracas are made from selected hardwoods and come in various colours. Pair. 20 cm. ..
SKU: E740
Mexican hardwood maracas, 27 cm long - E741
These Professional quality Tri-coloured maracas are made from selected hardwoods and are 27 cm long . ..
SKU: E741
Mexican wood guiro with scraper - E749
Hand made. Popular fishtail design. Produces interesting percussion effects. 35cm long. Comes with scraper. ..
SKU: E749
Mini mexican hardwood maracas - E739
These Professional quality mini tri-colour maracas are made from selected hardwoods and sound great. 18 cm long. Pair. ..
SKU: E739
Mini Shekere - E2422
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 6" (15cm) long and 9.5" (25cm) around. As this is a natural product shape and size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2422
Natural wood kokiriko - E438
Bright crisp sound. Easy to control. (33cm) long. Originally from Japanese culture, interesting sounds are created when the wooden slats are caused to strike one another in a "domino" fashion. ..
SKU: E438
Plastic kazoo by Kazoobie - E330
Plays any tune you can hum. The resonator is made from a unique high-tech polyethylene plastic paper that is louder and longer lasting than most kazoos. Best of all, Kazoobie kazoos are waterproof* and washable! Made in the USA from polypropylene plastic (colours vary). 12cm overall length. Recommended for ages 3 and up. *we tried it - ..
SKU: E330
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REMO 30cm ocean drum - E534
30cm Ocean drum. Unique two-headed drums with steel shot inside produces varied "ocean surf" sounds. Pre-tuned heads, rough-finish ReemiarTM covered shell. Authentic under-sea design. ..
SKU: E534
REMO Circle Sound Shapes - 5 pack - SS-1000-05
Sound Shapes are high-quality, affordable percussion instruments that are perfect for the classroom, daycare or therapy setting. Their flat shape makes them easy to store and transport. This set includes 5 Circle Sound Shapes: 15, 21, 27, 32.5 and 38cm plus 4 sound sticks and two mallets. Colours may vary.    ..
SKU: SS-1000-05
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