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Clip On Tuner - ET-660
ET-660 Clip On Chromatic Tuner, red and green back light. Full-view display. Tuning mode: Auto. Chromatic tuning. Calibration: A4=440Hz. Lithium battery included. ..
SKU: ET-660
EMUS automatic castanet - E716
Elastic cord automatically opens castanet after closing. 2.25" or 5.8cm diameter. ..
SKU: E716
EMUS brass finger cymbals, set of 4 - E698
Set of four 5cm brass cymbals with elastic finger straps. ..
SKU: E698
Groove Master Mini Cabasa - E461
A smaller version of the E462 and E463 Cabasa, still capable of creating all the sounds and rhythms you can come up with. 7.5" (19cm) long and 10" (25cm) around. ..
SKU: E461
Junior rainstick 8"(20cm) - E2020R
Bright, fascinating rainstick featuring all the colors of the rainbow! Young children will love the delightful sounds and colors of the Rainmaker as they turn it over and watch the "raindrops" flow from level to level. 20cm (8"). Suitable for ages 4+. ..
SKU: E2020R
Owl Whistle 3" - G-OWL3
Blow into the hole on the top of his head for a realistic owl sound. This smallest owl has the highest pitch. Carved wood approximately 3" (9cm) tall. ..
Seed Shaker - E562
This shaker is made from hollowed-out seeds individually attached to a plaited handle, gives a crisp, bright sound. The handle and shaker together measure approx. 20 cm long.  ..
SKU: E562
Ukulele capo - PUC-3001
Ukulele capo with silver finish, suitable for all sizes of ukulele from soprano to baritone. ..
SKU: PUC-3001
Ukulele humidifier - EUH
This humidifier is designed to protect your ukulele in the driest conditions. Suspended by the strings, the humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside your instrument. Fill with distilled water about once a month or when needed. Distilled water should be used, not tap water. ..
Wooden spoons, 19cm long - E548
Hand-crafted in Quebec from selected hardwoods in the traditional/folk style. This model is chunkier in design and heavier than the Pro-series (items E648 and E649). The extra weight of this traditional design makes it easier to play trills and triplets. This is a hand-crafted product and slight variations occur. Average overall length is 19c..
SKU: E548
Dolphin Guiro - G-DOLPH5
Scratch his back as a guiro or tap his nose as a wood block! Blow into the hole on his tail as a dolphin call! Great sound from a very nicely finished instrument that also makes a fun display piece or great small gift. Hand-carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods, with attractive wood staining. 6" (15cm) long. Comes with..
Musical spoons - E340
Easy-to-use metal musical spoons. (20.32 cm) overall length. ..
SKU: E340
EMUS slide whistle - E345
Easy-to-play, has wide tone range, produces glissando effects. 25cm overall length. Plastic construction ..
SKU: E345
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Wood train whistle - E348
Authentic sounding train whistle, made of wood. 20cm overall length. ..
SKU: E348
Metal kazoo - E333
Plays any tune you can hum, made from metal (colours may vary). 12cm overall length. ..
SKU: E333
EMUS cluster bell (15cm) long - E703
Three nickel-silver bells on handle. Played by shaking. (15cm) overall length. Not suitable for pre-school children. Adult supervision required. ..
SKU: E703
EMUS wrist bells/pair - E5102
Sold in pairs. Four superior quality bells attached to nylon webbing, velcro closure. Fits up to 18cm diameter. ..
SKU: E5102
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