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Homespun: Folk Songs of Rural America - Q7572
Folk Songs of Rural America with Orff Accompaniments by Shirley W. McRae This collection of folk songs shows the heart of a people and a lingering glimpse of their values, dreams, joys, and struggles. Using Barred Instruments; Body Percussion; Unpitched Percussion and Other Instruments these Folk Songs will inspire and delight. Kemo Kimo -..
SKU: Q7572
I Can Show It...Cause I Know It - Q940910
I Can Show It...Cause I Know It! by Joy Reeve. A Music Classroom Resource for Grades 4-8 Many teachers are presented with upper elementary students who have a gap in their knowledge of music fundamentals, so they need to learn primary level music curriculum when they are in their junior and middle school years. This book was written and designed..
SKU: Q940910
Music and Language Circle Games - Q205
Music and Language Circle Games for Children Ages 3 to 9 by Debra Giebelhaus-Maloney. 72 page book and accompaniment CD detail 13 different partner games. Provides both the general classroom teacher and the music specialist with a new look at circle games as thoughtful teaching tools for language and music skill development. Each game has bee..
SKU: Q205
Ring, Dance, Play - Q8660
Ring, Dance, Play By Griff Gall and Paul Weller Ring, Dance and Play is a music education resource designed for Bell Chimes and Orff Shulwerk. Ring, Dance, Play brings together the versatility, playability and tonality of Bell Chimes with the revolutionary and engaging Orff Schulwerk pedagogy. This powerful combination will prove instrumen..
SKU: Q8660
We Can Sing...We Can Play...Everyday! - Q940934
We Can Sing...We Can Play...Everyday by Joy Reeve - A Primary Classroom Music Resource for Pre-K-Grade 3 Offers speech, singing, movement, and role-play activities to develop children's literacy and musicality. Designed to inspire teachers and children to be imaginatively and holistically involved in music making. This book is written for classr..
SKU: Q940934
You Can Walk...You Can Talk...You Can Orff - Q940941
You Can Walk...You Can Talk...You Can Orff! by Joy Reeve - A Classroom Music Resource for Grades 1-6 Offers clear explanations and examples of Orff pedagogy for teaching elementary music in the classroom. The elements of beat, rhythm, and form are defined and paired with ostinato, word substitution, improvisation, movement and dance, in practica..
SKU: Q940941
Discovering Keetman: Rhythmic Exercises and Pieces for Xylophone - Q172
Discovering Keetman: Rhythmic Exercises and Pieces for Xylophone 84 pages. This collection presents the rhythmic exercises and pieces of Gunild Keetman for xylophone from the books Rhythmic Exercises, First Instruction on the Xylophone and Pieces for Xylophone Volumes 1-3. ..
SKU: Q172
The Orff Source - Q730
Arranged by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne The Orff Source arranged by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne. The Orff Source includes 89 arrangements of traditional and familiar game songs and folk songs sequenced according to tone set. (sm, lsm, smd ...) The sequencing will help the classroom music teacher find repertoire to fit their curriculum scope and seq..
SKU: Q730
The Orff Source: Volume 2 - Q741
Arranged by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne 63 Orff arrangements of traditional and composed folk songs and singing games arranged by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne. The purpose of this collection is to provide the classroom music teacher with a large collection of Orff arrangements of familiar folk songs and singing games as well as some original game so..
SKU: Q741
The Orff Source: Volume 3 - Q750
Arranged by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne This resource has 38 Orff arrangements of traditional and composed folk songs and singing games, using I, I-V or I-IV-V chords. Teachers looking for interesting arrangements for upper elementary students will find many choices. Game directions are included for the singing games. Many of the songs included in ..
SKU: Q750
Elemental Music Making - Q751054
Enrich your curriculum with these engaging, age-appropriate music lessons for Grades K-5 from Brian Hiller and Don Dupont.  Following the same formula as Brian & Don's popular "What to Teach When" series, this collection includes three classroom-tested activities per grade level that reinforce important concepts and develop meaningful m..
SKU: Q751054
Interactive Folksongs - Q71692
Interactive Folksongs – Multimedia Lessons for the Music Class by Cristi Cary Miller Folksongs are powerful teaching tools. Their repetitive rhythms and melodies provide a better understanding of music concepts, while teaching us about our multicultural heritage. More than this, folksongs are just so much fun to sing! Technology is also a powerf..
SKU: Q71692
Island Fun with Orff and Drum - Q11107
Island Fun with Orff and Drum by Jane Lamb. Songs for Orff Instruments, Singing and Musical Activities. A creative and fresh new unison collection with reproducible parts of original classroom Orff pieces, drum ensembles, and rhythmic activities by music educator and certified Orff specialist, Jane Lamb. These "kid-tested" pieces are appropriate..
SKU: Q11107
Just Jams - Q2312
by Mark Burrows A world of rhythms for drums, pitched percussion and more. Taking as his starting point fundamental rhythms from various countries and regions, Mark Burrows has built engaging and accessible jams that can be used to strengthen students' rhythm skills, in drum circles, or as a change of pace in a choir concert or other performance..
SKU: Q2312
Kutamba! For Diatonic Orff Ensembles - Q29480
KUTAMBA! African and Jamaican-inspired songs for diatonic Orff ensembles by Jane Lamb Get your audience on the edge of their seats and tapping their toes with these high-energy Orff ensemble pieces by Jane Lamb. There are seven pieces in the style of the marimba music of Zimbabwe, Africa, and five pieces in the style of the marimba music of Jama..
SKU: Q29480
Make a Joyful Sound - Q7619
by Don Dupont and Brian Hiller. The book is divided into seven chapters: Body Percussion, Speech, Singing, Unpitched Percussion, Barred Instruments, Recorder, and Movement. Each chapter begins with a brief description of the specific media area followed by activities designed for different grade levels. Each activity contains a simple-to-follow,..
SKU: Q7619
Merry Marimba Christmas - Q2736
by Doug Edwards Take one part Christmas spirit, one part barred percussion, and a healthy scoop of compositional creativity, and what do you get? A Merry Marimba Christmas! This collection of innovative arrangements by composer and educator Doug Edwards takes traditional Christmas carols to exciting new heights as they travel through more surpri..
SKU: Q2736
One, Two, Three... Echo Me! - Q2106
Orff Arrangements and Lessons by Donna Dirksing. 1, 2, 3... Echo Me! Orff Companion is not only for experienced Orff teachers. A detailed process for teaching the instruments is given with each arrangement. Teachers with little or no Orff training can easily follow each process and find success in teaching the instrument parts. Grades K-5 ..
SKU: Q2106
Orff for Everyone - Happenin' Holidays - Q2445
by Donna Dirksing Orff for Everyone: Happenin' Holidays is a collection of seasonal songs and arrangements that embraces the Orff approach and presents it for everyone, from the novice Orff teacher to the most experienced. Along with each arrangement is a suggested grade level, a list of objectives, and a suggested process. Remember that the ..
SKU: Q2445
Play Ball - Q2572
Everyone loves baseball! Bring the love of the game into your music room and your students will thank you. Taken directly from Mark Burrows's classroom experience, Play Ball! is a collection of musical games and activities inspired by baseball. Use the activities as part of a thematic unit or pick and choose your favourites to use throughout the ye..
SKU: Q2572
Primary handbook for MALLETS - Q317126
Primary Handbook for Mallets. A beginning Method with Play-Along CD by Garwood Whaley Internationally acclaimed by today's leading teachers, Primary Handbook for Mallets (xylophone, marimba, vibes and bells) is designed for the beginner at any age. This method provides a complete introduction to mallet playing for private lesson or classroom use..
SKU: Q317126
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