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Mexican hardwood maracas, 27 cm long - E741
These Professional quality Tri-coloured maracas are made from selected hardwoods and are 27 cm long . ..
SKU: E741
Mini mexican hardwood maracas - E739
These Professional quality mini tri-colour maracas are made from selected hardwoods and sound great. 18 cm long. Pair. ..
SKU: E739
Djembe Shaker - DJS6
Djembe shaker (approx. 5" tall) is made of turned wood with a natural goat skin head and features a traditional Ghanain 'Gye Nyame' design finish. The djembe shaker is similar in shape and design to a caxixi shaker. It fits nicely in the hand and offers a smooth sound, yet is also capable of rolls and crisp snaps. Vary the sound by holding ..
LP RhythMix chikitas  - E787
One pair of mini plastic maracas on handle. 13 cm. Colours may vary. Do not immerse in water. To clean, please wipe only. Recommended for students 6yrs+   ..
SKU: E787
LP Toca Jingle-Shake - TJS-BK
The LP Toca Percussion Jingle-Shake is a combination of a tambourine and shaker in one. A great add-on to any percussion set-up. It features four rows of nickel-plated jingles and a removeable "screw top" shaker cylinder. The shaker cylinder contains non-toxic, stainless-steel ball bearings and the sound may be customized by adjusting the amount..
Mini Shekere - E2422
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 6" (15cm) long and 9.5" (25cm) around. As this is a natural product shape and size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2422
NINO single egg shaker, purple - N54OAU
Single Purple Egg Shaker. NINO® Egg Shakers are vital to every percussion collection. They have a pronounced and crisp sound.   Not suitable for toddlers. Adult supervision required. Suggestions for cleaning: do not submerge! use a damp cloth, soap or 'sterisol' germicide.   ..
Small Shekere - E2425
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 8" (20cm) long and 13.5" (34cm) around. As this is a natural product shape and size will vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2425
Seed Shaker - E562
This shaker is made from hollowed-out seeds individually attached to a plaited handle, gives a crisp, bright sound. The handle and shaker together measure approx. 20 cm long.  ..
SKU: E562
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