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Wood based instruments

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Nino Wood Claves, standard - N574
Claves are an essential instrument in Latin music and shouldn’t be missing from any percussion set up. NINO® Wood Claves are available in both small and regular sized models. The Nino 574 is 20cm (8") long, 2.5cm (1") diameter. Sold by the pair. Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Argentina) Recommended for ages 6+. ..
SKU: N574
2 plain Rhythm Sticks (colour options) - E633
Rhythm sticks, 2 plain. 12 inches or 30 cm long. Available in 2 colours: blue and red.   ..
SKU: E633
EMUS economy claves - E679
Good quality hardwood claves. (23cm) overall length, (2.5cm) diameter. ..
SKU: E679
EMUS guiro tone block - E671
Strike for a sharp tone or scratch the barrel for a guiro effect. Mallet included. (20cm) overall length, (4.4cm) maximum diameter. ..
SKU: E671
EMUS lummi sticks  - E659
Set of 24 Lummi Sticks. Four colours, 6 of each colour: red, blue, green and yellow. 11.75" x .75" (29.8cm x 2cm). ..
SKU: E659
EMUS tick-tock block - E668
Gives two distinct tones when struck. Mallet included. (19 cm) overall length, (3cm) diameter. 7.5" long ..
SKU: E668
EMUS wood block - E672
An ideal block for any rhythm class. 7.25" (18cm). Comes with mallet. ..
SKU: E672
Finger Cajon savings bank - J0222
Cajon means "(musical) box" and in this case -a very small musical box. With your fingers you can tap out righteous rhythms and also save your pennies. 17cm (6 3/4") x 10cm (4") x (8cm) (3 1/4".)   ..
SKU: J0222
Gourd Guiro - E2420
Traditional guiro crafted from a natural gourd. Approximately 36cm long and 30cm around. As these are made from a natural product size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2420
Groove Masters Claves - CLA-CSC2
Beautiful looking and beautiful sounding. Wooden claves with sound hole for greater projection. 7.5" (19.5cm) long x 1.25" (3.2cm) dia. ..
NINO 7"(18cm) wood block - NINO22
WOOD BLOCK, LARGE The Wood Block is probably one of the oldest rhythm instruments and should be part of any percussion group.  7"(18cm) x 2.5"(6.5cm) x 1.75"(4.7cm). The NINO® Wood Blocks have an impressive sound. Age 3+ Material Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.) Includes Wooden beater Model NINO22   ..
NINO shaker set - NINO508MC
WOOD SHAKERS, TRIANGULAR Toddlers especially love these little rhythm instruments. NINO® Natural Wood Shakers have different fillings. A cylindrical shaped shaker is available in two different sizes, as well as a square, and a triangular shaped shaker assortment. Ages 3+ Shape Triangular, 3 pcs. set Material Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis..
Nino Wood Claves, small - N502
Claves are an essential instrument in Latin music and shouldn’t be missing from any percussion set up. NINO® Wood Claves are available in both small and regular sized models. The Nino 502 was especially designed to fit a child’s hand size. 15cm (6") long, 1.25cm (0.5") diameter. Sold by the pair. Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell...
SKU: N502
Owl Whistle 4" - G-OWL4
Blow into the hole on the top of his head for a realistic owl sound. This smaller owl has a reasonably high pitch. Carved wood approximately 4" (10cm) tall. ..
Slit Drum - 2 tones w/mallet - SLD-1300
Great sounding, compact two-tone drum 9.4" long (24cm), 2.75" (7cm) high, 2.4"(6cm) across. Comes with mallet. ..
SKU: SLD-1300
Timber Drum - T18-M
Timber Drum Company wood drums are handcrafted in the U.S.A. out of solid American hardwoods that are harvested exclusively from sustainable managed forests. 6 distinctly different tones. Each drum is made by hand one at a time to produce an outstanding sound. Unlimited rhythm combinations. Try different mallets to vary the sound. 18" (45..
SKU: T18-M
Turtle Guiro - G-TURTLE2
This little guiro is a work of art. It sounds great as an instrument and makes an adorable desk ornament. Meticulously hand carved in Thailand from selected hardwoods, attractive wood staining. 2" x 5" (12.5cm). Comes with guiro stick. ..
Mexican Hardwood Claves  - E680
Deluxe professional claves made of the finest hardwoods available. 20cm x 3cm. ..
SKU: E680
EMUS 20 cm headless tambourine, 5pr. jingles - E630
Hardwood rim, nickel-silver jingles, clear, sharp jingle effect. 20 cm. Seven pairs of jingles. ..
SKU: E630
Mexican mini hardwood claves 14cm long - E682
The same professional quality as E680 but smaller in size, designed for small children. 14 cm overall length, 2 cm diameter. ..
SKU: E682
1 fluted & 1 plain Rhythm sticks (colour options) - E634
Pair of rhythm sticks, one fluted, one plain. Approximately 12" (30cm) long. Available in blue and red. ..
SKU: E634
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