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EMUS maple wood mallets - M10
Maple wood - suitable for Rhythm instruments. 20cm long, sold by the pair. ..
SKU: M10
EMUS replacement triangle striker - E686S
Replacement striker for E686/E688. ..
SKU: E686S
EMUS sand blocks - E674
Pair of blocks to rub together for rhythmic sounds. 5.2" x 3" (13cm x 7.6cm). ..
SKU: E674
EMUS single jingle tap - E711
Pair of tambourine jingles mounted on wood head and handle. (15.9cm) overall length. Not suitable for pre-school children. Adult supervision required. ..
SKU: E711
Fluted and plain 23cm rhythm sticks - E632T
These rhythm sticks are perfect for preschoolers!  One fluted stick and one plain stick per set. Available in orange.  Hardwood dowels with rounded ends, nicely finished in bright non-toxic paint. Shorter than our standard rhythm sticks so they are easier for younger children to handle. 9" (23cm) long.    ..
SKU: E632T
Frog Sound Drum - FSD1
Amazing mini cuica. Spin in circle and get swamp of frogs sound. Hold the drum part while turning stick and get amazing groove patterns and sounds. Close your hand it gets lower, open hand it gets higher. Excellent for drum circles. Drum (5cm) high, (4cm) across head of drum. ..
Mini Shekere - E2422
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 6" (15cm) long and 9.5" (25cm) around. As this is a natural product shape and size may vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2422
Musical spoons - E340
Easy-to-use metal musical spoons. (20.32 cm) overall length. ..
SKU: E340
Natural wood kokiriko - E438
Bright crisp sound. Easy to control. (33cm) long. Originally from Japanese culture, interesting sounds are created when the wooden slats are caused to strike one another in a "domino" fashion. ..
SKU: E438
Plastic kazoo by Kazoobie - E330
Plays any tune you can hum. The resonator is made from a unique high-tech polyethylene plastic paper that is louder and longer lasting than most kazoos. Best of all, Kazoobie kazoos are waterproof* and washable! Made in the USA from polypropylene plastic (colours vary). 12cm overall length. Recommended for ages 3 and up. *we tried it - ..
SKU: E330
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2 plain Rhythm Sticks (colour options) - E633
Rhythm sticks, 2 plain. 12 inches or 30 cm long. Available in 2 colours: blue and red.   ..
SKU: E633
Small Shekere - E2425
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 8" (20cm) long and 13.5" (34cm) around. As this is a natural product shape and size will vary slightly. ..
SKU: E2425
Wood train whistle - E348
Authentic sounding train whistle, made of wood. 20cm overall length. ..
SKU: E348
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