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SUZUKI 10-Note ToneChime set - HB-100
Excellent introduction set of ToneChimes. For elementary classroom instruction, Orff classes, therapy, care homes. This set has a range from C6 to C7, and includes 1 Bb and 1 F# ToneChime. Comes with carrying case. Very limited quantities. Subject to prior sale. ..
SKU: HB-100
SUZUKI 25-note chromatic ToneChime set - HB-250
The HB-250 set covers the chromatic note range G4 to G6. Each tonechime bell has an adjustable clapper mechanism to allow for variable expression. The tonechimes are conveniently labelled in either black or white (to match piano keys) with the note and staff position shown for easy identification.Tonechimes are precision-crafted bells with beautifu..
SKU: HB-250
SUZUKI 12-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set - HB-120A
* This set was previously known as model HB-12A. * This first add-on ToneChimes set provides upper and lower notes to complement the HB-250 (or HB-25) set. Range C4 to F#4 and G#6 to C7. With deluxe heavy-duty travelling case (26.5"x17.75"x3.25"). ​  ..
SKU: HB-120A
SUZUKI 12-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set - HB-120B
* This set was previously known as model HB-12B * This second ToneChimes add-on set further extends the range of the HB-250 (or HB-25) and HB-120A (or HB-12A) sets. Range G3 to B4 and C#7 to G7. With deluxe heavy-duty travelling case (33.25"x15"x3.75").   ..
SKU: HB-120B
SUZUKI 7-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set - HB-7C
Range C3 to F#3/Gb3. To extend the bottom range of the HB-250, HB-120A, HB-120B combination of Suzuki tonechimes to create a total of 56 notes ranging from C3 to G7. With deluxe heavy-duty travelling case (39" x 22" x 5"). These bells are long and heavy and this set may be challenging for children or seniors. ​  ..
SUZUKI 16-note ToneChime set w/case - HB-160
16 note diatonic ToneChimes set with 1 F# and 2 Bb's, comes with carrying case. Range A4 to F6. Use in combination with Orff programmes for dynamic performances.     ..
SKU: HB-160
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