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Mallet Madness - Q2187
A collection of engaging units by Artie Almeida for using mallet instruments in the K-6 music classroom. Mallet Madness by Artie Almeida. 96 pages. A collection of engaging units for using mallet instruments in the K-6 music classroom. This is an exciting collection of activities for mallet percussion instruments that will energize your classroom a..
Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My! - Q2626
Listening lessons with Movement Props for Grades K-5 by Artie Almeida Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My!: Listening lessons with Movement Props for Grades K-5 by Artie Almeida. 80 pages. Artie Almeida shares some of her most-beloved listening and movement-based lessons. Included CD features classical orchestral tracks from the NAXOS label a..
Adventures with the Orchestra - Q701034H
Adventures with the Orchestra by Artie Almeida A complete instructional unit to bring the orchestra to your students. Printable resources included. Grades 3-6. Inspire your students to embrace the music of the orchestra. Everything you need for a complete instructional unit is here: flashcards, printable game pieces, guided listening activiti..
Awesome Books with Musical Hooks - Q751040H
Awesome Books with Musical Hooks by Katie Grace Miller CD included. Using children's literature to expand your musical horizons. Read your way to music skills. Fill your music classroom with books, learning, and lots of musical skill! This fun and innovative collection of lesson ideas will breathe new life into areas of the music curriculum t..
Behind Bars - Q2586
by Mari Schay Don't miss this wonderful collection of music! Behind Bars will get your intermediate students behind those barred instruments, playing music designed for successful performances. The sophisticatd simplicity of these short pieces will enable your students to master them quickly, but that is just the beginning. Once your students ha..
Brain Breaks - Q751022H
BRAIN BREAKS, Just-for-fun music activites for tired brains by Mark Burrows. Grades 3-6 From the Author Let's have some fun! Numbers, stats, and quantitative analysis of student performance are all informative, but looking at them all day has some teachers and some students singing the blues. This silly little bok is intended to inject some f..
Composing Under Construction - Q751050
Composing Under Construction - Exploring the Elements of Music Composition by D. Brian Weese. Suggested for Grades 3-6.  Teaching composition is easy and engaging with this reproducible step-by-step workbook that guides your students through writing notes, analyzing music, and composing their own. It begins with simple notation practice, an..
Earth, Water, Fire, Air - Q7602
Earth, Water, Fire, Air: A Suite for Voices, Narrator and Orff Instruments is a performance piece celebrating the natural "elements" of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The songs feature unison, two and three-part singing, speech ostinati, instrumental accompaniments, recorder playing and movement suggestions. ..
Elemental Music Making - Q751054
Enrich your curriculum with these engaging, age-appropriate music lessons for Grades K-5 from Brian Hiller and Don Dupont.  Following the same formula as Brian & Don's popular "What to Teach When" series, this collection includes three classroom-tested activities per grade level that reinforce important concepts and develop meaningful m..
Elementary Music Games - Q751051
Whenever you need a quick activity, you can reach for this fun resource. With these reproducible music game pages, students will practice rhythms, note names, dynamics, music vocabulary, and more. Use them as educational time-fillers, take home assignments, or substitute plans to reinforce a concept you've covered in class. Written by Vanessa Chris..
Fantastic Forces - Q751025
By Kate Kuper and Troy Vogel. This creative curriculum is designed to incorporate movement and music with science. Complete lesson plans, a demonstration DVD, songs, top-notch visuals and Student Journal pages are all included in this engaging resource. Designed to support general classroom teachers or music and movement educators (including P.E..
Games Galore - Q751047
Games Galore is a collection of 27 reproducible music activity sheets (with answer key) for Grades K-6 complied by Erika Popp.  Topics include: Notes and Their Pitch Names (6 activities); Rhythm (6 activities); Music Vocabulary (5 activities); Instruments (10 activities)    ..
Games, Groups, and Gems - Q751053
These activities will have your students moving, singing, playing, and learning! Strengthen teacher-student and student-teacher relationships, encourage active participation, and cultivate excitement for learning by teaching through games and groups with this collection of absolute gems from master teacher Chris Judah-Lauder. Students learn music s..
Get in the Groove - Q2188
The jazz chops of Cathy Blair meet the accessible Orff approach of Donna Dirksing in this exciting introduction to improvisation and other jazz concepts. (Not quite sure what "chops" are? Don't worry; it's defined in the Glossary.) Organized in three sections - Jazz is Rhythm, Jazz is Melody and Jazz is Form - each follows the speech to body percus..
Give Me a Tablet - Q751043
Give Me a Tablet by Mark Shelton. 72 page book and CD-ROM with pdf files of the activites and ensembles. Take technology integration to the next level with this innovative collection of activities and ensemble pieces designed to be performed on Apple® touchscreen devices. The activities provide curriculum-based learning opportunities and gi..
Happy Jammin' - Q2758
Happy Jammin' - Really Cool Music for Recorders with Optional Percussion Ensemble. By Paul Corbière. These are really cool recorder pieces! Are you desperately seeking a new approach and fresh repertoire for your intermediate recorder players? Paul Corbière knows what that feels like and has filled the void with this truly one-of-a-kind resou..
Homespun: Folk Songs of Rural America - Q7572
Folk Songs of Rural America with Orff Accompaniments by Shirley W. McRae This collection of folk songs shows the heart of a people and a lingering glimpse of their values, dreams, joys, and struggles. Using Barred Instruments; Body Percussion; Unpitched Percussion and Other Instruments these Folk Songs will inspire and delight. Kemo Kimo -..
Just Jams - Q2312
by Mark Burrows A world of rhythms for drums, pitched percussion and more. Taking as his starting point fundamental rhythms from various countries and regions, Mark Burrows has built engaging and accessible jams that can be used to strengthen students' rhythm skills, in drum circles, or as a change of pace in a choir concert or other performance..
Make a Joyful Sound - Q7619
by Don Dupont and Brian Hiller. The book is divided into seven chapters: Body Percussion, Speech, Singing, Unpitched Percussion, Barred Instruments, Recorder, and Movement. Each chapter begins with a brief description of the specific media area followed by activities designed for different grade levels. Each activity contains a simple-to-follow,..
Mallet Madness Strikes Again! - Q2567
Merry Marimba Christmas - Q2736
by Doug Edwards Take one part Christmas spirit, one part barred percussion, and a healthy scoop of compositional creativity, and what do you get? A Merry Marimba Christmas! This collection of innovative arrangements by composer and educator Doug Edwards takes traditional Christmas carols to exciting new heights as they travel through more surpri..
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