• Meinl Cone Stack -  MEINL CONE
CONE-STACK The MEINL Cone-Stack is a four chambered shaker with some wild characteristics. Two balanced chambers are connected with a center screw, and may be played as a pair, or as one shaker. As a pair, they have a high and a low side, plus an open bell, also tuned high and low. They can be played like maracas. Screw them together, and you get a kind of multi-chambered stereo effect! It’s a great, full sound with metallic overtones. You can play it like a shekere, or wah-wah the open bell chambers, or clasp it in the middle balance point for fine shaker techniques.

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Meinl Cone Stack - MEINL CONE

  • Brand: MEINL
  • Product Code: MEINL Cone
  • Availability: 2
  • $68.98