• SUZUKI 1-piece German-fingering soprano recorder - SRG-200
The Suzuki name is your assurance of quality. Durable, easy-to-play and great value! Made of ABS plastic, each recorder is specially bored and polished for a smooth, resonant response and flawless intonation.

A very popular beginning recorder. Acoustically designed for ease of playing in the upper and lower registers. Comes complete with cloth bag and fingering chart. 12" long (30.5 cm).

This recorder is also offered as a package with books 1, 2 or 3 of the Windsong Series Recorder Method. This package is offered at a low set price.

This is a German fingering model. For German fingering the scale is played by removing each finger in succession. When looking at the German-style recorder, the fourth hole from the top of the instument is larger than the fifth hole.




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SUZUKI 1-piece German-fingering soprano recorder - SRG-200

  • Brand: SUZUKI
  • Product Code: SRG-200
  • Availability: 1710
  • $6.98