Growing With Music - Friendly Bear's Song Book: Music Activities for Young Children written by Birthe Kulich, illustrated by Miye.
An updated version of the original Friendly Bear's Song Book, now includes CD! 

162 pages. Growing With Music is a songbook for young children, their families, and teachers. It is a collection of songs, rhymes, and music activities suitable for use in preschool, kindergarten, and primary grades, as well as at home with parents and other family members. It is also a resource book for students in early childhood teacher-training programs in colleges and universities.

The content is organized by seasons, beginning with Fall. For developmental reasons, the material is arranged sequentially. Shorter, simpler repetitive songs of limited tonal range are in the first section; longer, more complex material is in subsequent sections. Musical terminology has been kept to a minimum and is only introduced as it relates directly to an activity. Growing With Music offers many suggestions for incorporating music into a home or classroom setting.

The 65 songs and rhymes on the INCLUDED CD are meant to introduce song melodies and rhyme patterns, and to give an indication of possible arrangements using a variety of instruments. Suggestions for using the CD by parents and teachers are included throughout the book.

Growing With Music is all that was loved in the original Friendly Bear's Song Book, plus more!

Fall selections include:
Hello; Friendly Bear; Pat-a-Cake; Teddy Bear; Bell Horses; Hey! Hey! Look at Me!; Kuma San (Mister Bear); Pease Porridge; Open, Shut Them; I Love Little Pussy; Friendly Bear's Instrument Game; Wee Willie Winkie; Lullaby for Friendly Bear; Falling Leaves; Along Came the Wind; Fall; Pomme de Reinette; We'll Follow the Leader; Jelly in the Bowl; Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater; The Pappaw Patch; The Pumpkin Patch; Pumpkin, Pumpkin; Jack-O'-Lantern; Here We Go 'Round the Neighbourhood; Five Little Pumpkins; Hey Ho for Hallowe'en; A Very Old Witch; The Witch Rides; The Wheels on the Bus; Humpty Dumpty; Hop Old Squirrel; Whisky Frisky; Jack-in-the-Box; The Scarecrow

Winter selections include: This is the Way; Merry-Go-Round; High Stepping Horses; A Paris; Rain, Rain, Go Away; Pitter Patter; Doctor Katchel; It's Raining; Doctor Foster; Skip to My Lou; The North Wind; The Grizzly Bear; No Bears Out Tonight; It's Going to Snow; Neige, Neige Blanche; Snowflakes; Snow; Winter; Making a Sound Picture; Hanukkah; My Dreydl; Ring, Bells, Ring; Star Light, Star Bright; I Saw Three Ships; Christmas Time; Christmas Rhythm Patterns; The Magic Christmas Tree; As I Went Out to Play; A Valentine Song; Be My Valentine; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Alphabet Song; Chinese New Year

Spring selections include: Time to Sing and Play; John, John the Leprechaun; Wouldn't It Be Funny; Building a 'Vocabulary' of Sound; Jig Jog, Jig Jog; Ten Wild Horses; Springtime; Spring is Here; Come and Follow Me; My Wake-Up Song; The Muffin Man; Hot Cross Buns; Here We Go Up; Go In and Out the Window; Sur le Pont D'Avignon; Four Little Cats; Tromm, Tromm, Tromm; Peck, Peck, Peck; The Animals Wake Up; Engine Number 9; Down by the Station; Clickety Clack; Little Red Caboose; One Black Engine; Hush Little Baby; 2-4-6-8; I Have a Sound; Five Little Ducks; Singa Songa Sea; Sea Shell; My Magic Shell; Speech Rhythm Patterns; The Eency Weency Spider; Little Miss Muffet; One, Two, Three (A); One, Two, Three (B); The Music Ball; Bluebird; Two Little Blackbirds; Punchinello; Windy Day; Dandelion Seeds; A Little Green Frog

Summer selections include: Donkey Riding; Fuzzy Wuzzy; The Rainbow; Colour Rhythm pattern; Animal Song; This is What I Can Do; Copy Cat; Bluebells, Cockle Shells; Jack Be Nimble; Ho Ho Watanay; Fais Dodo; What Shall We Do?; On Rainy Days; New Shoes; Billy Boy's Boots; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe; Rover; My Dog Rags; Two Shiny Robots; Look at Me; Aiken Drum; Ring Around a Rocketship; Bend and Stretch; Bingo; Tick Tock, Tick Tock; Sally Go Round the Sun; The Clouds in the Sky; Old Dog; Frere Jacques; Ginger; Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat; Mix a Pancake; Hot Cross Buns; Hinges; One, Two, Three, Four; Dickory, Dickory Dare; Hickory, Dickory Dock; Potatoes; Ten Little Sausages; Five Little Monkeys; Going Over the Sea; Fire! Fire!; Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; What's Your Name?; This Old Man; Shoo Fly ; Pop! Goes the Weasel; Little Redbird in the Tree; If You're Happy; Les Petites Marionettes; Did You Ever See a Lassie?; Walk Daniel; Rig a Jig Jig; Circle Round the Zero; The Prehistoric Animal Brigade; The Use of Percussion Instruments; Wee Willie Winkie; Sounds of the Night; It's Time to End Our Play
Music Activities for Young Children An updated version of the original Friendly Bear's Song Book, now includes CD!

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