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Music Time: Primary - Q71705

Price: $41.00
SKU: Q71705
Product Code: Q71705
Availability: In Stock

Music Time Primary: 33 quick-start lessons for the elementary music class from the writers of John Jacobson's "Music Express". Compiled by Tom Anderson.

It's music time! No problem! Bring the joy of music to your classroom with this one-of-a-kind resource created for music teachers-in-training, beginning music teachers, elementary classroom teachers, and even band, choir or orchestra directors who are teaching general music for the first time! Teach the basics with quick-start, sequential lessons designed for younger elementary age groups. Pick and choose what works best for your needs with opening activities, music FUNdamentals, music reading, singing games, listening lessons and assessment activities.

This all-in-one resource comes with an Enhanced CD of the highest quality recordings, 2 orchestral masterworks and PDFs of songsheets, piano accompaniments, instrument parts, listening maps and activities for printing and projection options. 

Time's a-wastin'! Let's get started! Suggested for grades K-3.

Topics include: Opening Activities; Music FUNdamentals (steady beat, loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow); Music Reading; Singing Games; Active Listening Lessons; Assessment

Songs include: B-I-N-G-O; Chugga Lugga; Circle 'Round the Zero; The Closet Key; Drum Game Song; Expectation Rap; Freedom March; Hello Neighbors; High Low; I Am a Great Conductor; I Will Sing Hello; Ida Red; Jack be Nimble; John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt; Look Who's Here; Rhythm Charades; Rockin' Stix; Singing Charades; Sansa Kroma; We Are Marching; The Wind Blow East


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