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Shake It Up With Shakespeare Teacher Edition - Q30077

Price: $36.98
SKU: Q30077
Product Code: Q30077
Availability: In Stock

“Shake It Up With Shakespeare” is part of the “Rise and Shine Series”. This musical for 2-part voices will provide your students with a fun and unforgettable introduction to English literature's most famous writer, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare not only wrote a wide range of plays and sonnets that touch upon all aspects of the “human condition,” he also created words and phrases that are still very much a part of our everyday language. Through the use of an easily memorized rhyming script and a healthy sprinkling of his most famous quotes, this musical serves as the basis for an overview of five well-known Shakespearean plays. 

The opening song is followed by five musical selections that highlight the essence of the plays featured: two comedies (The Comedy of Errors and A Midsummer Night's Dream), two tragedies (MacBeth and Romeo and Juliet) and one history (King Henry the Eighth). Along with his ability to expose the darker aspects of human nature, Shakespeare also demonstrated a gift for highlighting the humorous side of everyday life. The six original songs written for this musical are more reflective of the latter perspective of his works. 

The Enhanced Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, rhyming program script as well as choreography, prop, staging and performance suggestions. The enclosed CD-ROM offers reproducible singer and speaking parts. Suggested for Grades 3-6. Performance Time: approximately 25 minutes.

Song List:
  • Henry The Eighth 
  • Magical, Mystical 
  • Mistaken Identity 
  • Shake It Up With Shakespeare 
  • Star-Crossed Love 
  • Witches' Brew 

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