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EMUS Orff Starter Kit for 30 Players - ESS-400

Price: $6,575.66
SKU: ESS-400
Brand: EMUS
Product Code: ESS-400
Availability: In Stock

This set contains the following instruments:
2 ESX-16 Soprano xylophones    
4 EAX-16 Alto xylophones
1 EBX-16 Bass xylophone
1 ESCB-C Sub contra-bass bar C    
1 ECBB-F Contra-bass bar F (not shown)    
1 ECBB-G Contra-bass bar G
1 ESM-16 Soprano metallophone 
2 EAM-16 Alto metallophones        
1 EBM-16 Bass metallophone    
2 ESG-16 Soprano glockenspiels    
2 EAG-16 Alto glockenspiels    
1 TD-42 Timpani drum set, 12", 14" and 16" drum with mallets 
1 ETB-5 Temple block set     
2 E636 10" Tambourines       
3 E690 10" Hand drums
1 ET-4 4" Triangle
1 ET-6 6" Triangle
1 ET-8 8" Triangle

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