arranged by Guy George. Includes play-along CD. Jumbie Jam Songs of Faith for Steel Drum and other instruments arranged by Guy George. 50 pages, 8 songs. Songs of faith of many denominations written specifically for the Jumbie Jam, but also includes lead sheets for 'regular' soprano steel pan as well as other instruments. Each tune is written out with a melody part, a harmony part, a chord back-up part, and a bass line part. The melody may be played alone with the background tracks on the CD. If you have more than one steel drum player, the harmony part may be played in addition to the melody. Or alternate the harmony part with the background part, or play them all together along with the background tracks. It's up to you! There are also chord symbols provided for each song for additional instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, ukulele or any chordal instrument. Steel pans sound great as part of the accompaniment for a choir! The CD has both a learning track and a background/accompaniment track for each song. Each learning track is set up the same way: Introduction (4 measures), then 1 time through the tune with the steel drum playing each of the following: melody, harmony, chord bak-up, bass line, and all parts together. The background tracks are played the same as the learning tracks, 5 times through with the introduction, but without any of the parts played. Songs include: Abide With Me; Amazing Grace; Beautiful Savior; Halle,Halle,Hallelujah; Holy,Holy,Holy; I Feel Like Travelling On; Jesus Loves Me; Shall We Gather at the River Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate If you don't read music, no problem! The notes to play are written out under the music notation except on the lead sheet (where there are lyrics instead).

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