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Star Search - Singer's Edition 5 Pack - Q21659

Price: $27.50 $10.00
SKU: Q21659
Product Code: Q21659
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Star Search - Singer's Edition 5 Pack. Recommended for Grades 3 and up. Performance time: approximately 25 minutes.

Star Search was written by Janet Gardner and arranged by Jay Althouse. The recording was orchestrated and produced by Alan Billingsley.

What happens when the sun takes a well-deserved vacation? Find out in Star Search, a humourous yet informative musical for unison and 2-part voices. Travel with the planets, played by the students, as they meet other planetary bodies in their quest to find their missing sun. Additional stars, asteroids, comets, and meteors make up an "all-star" cast. Blast off with this "light-filled" musical and learn some interesting facts about our solar system along the way!

Musical Sequence:
Prologue (Instrumental) ? We Didn't "Planet" This Way (Earth, PLanets and Chorus) ? Solar Introductions (Planets and Chorus) ? Play Off Music I (Instrumental) ? In My Own Little Space (Proxima, Stars and Chorus) ? Sunny Side Up (Sirius, Moons, and Chorus) ? Play Off Music II (Instrumental) ? Follow the Sun (Planets and Chorus) ? Follow the Sun: Reprise (All) ? Bows

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