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The Magical Beginning Vol.1 - Q491

Price: $19.98 $10.00
SKU: Q491
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Product Code: Q491
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The Magical Beginning - A Musical Journey in the Land of Staff by Paula Lynn Walker, with illustrations by E.J. Bedore.

39 pages. Full-colour story book with accompaniment CD suitable for children in the primary grades.

This mystical tale about Story Brook Island tells how the Note Family is taught by the Music Fairy to find the music within themselves. Children ages 3 and up will be captivated by how the island fell silent one cold and wintry day when the King and Queen were carried off by the Storms of Sadness, and how music is restored to the island through a magical spell made by the beautiful Music Fairy and the building of an enchanted Music Castle. Children learn along with the Note Family how to express music found in their hearts and, in particular, how different Notes can create the most wonderful music by simply knowing where to dance on the lines and in the spaces of the treble and bass clefs - in the Land of Staff. This is truly where it all begins - in the hearts of children everywhere. So, join us on this magical, mystical journey and discover the glorious gift of musical expression.

Full colour story book with accompaniment CD introduces children to musical notation.

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