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Activity Songs and Games CD - Q9310

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Activity Songs and Games CD: Learning Fun for Preschoolers by Georgiana Stewart.

Important pre-learning skills and improved motor skills are developed through musical play, rhythms, exercises, creative movement and games. Songs and activities address: body identification awareness, perceptual motor gauge and self-awareness. A great opportunity for kids to move, play, listen and learn while developing readiness skills! Animal Walks, Count To Ten, Make a Circle In The Air, Pass The Hat and more.

Includes CD and comprehensive guide with written directions for the activities. Movement instructions are also narrated during the songs.

Songs include:
1. Rhythms (Clapping, Body Identification)
2. Animal Walks (Gross Motor Skill Stretches)
3. Make A Circle In The Air (Pre-Writing Skills)
4. Count To Ten (Pre-Math Skills)
5. The Wizard of Oz Dance (Sequencing, Right/Left Discrimination)
6. Pass The Hat (Listening Skills, Visual Tracking)
7. Music, Music, Music (Instr)
8. Baby Elephant Walk (Instr)
9. Glow Worm Instr)
10. Narcissus (Instr)
11. Wizard Of Oz (Instr)
12. Shortnin’ Bread (Instr) Learning Fun for Preschoolers by Georgiana Stewart

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