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Behind Bars - Q2586

Price: $25.98
SKU: Q2586
Product Code: Q2586
Availability: In Stock

by Mari Schay

Don't miss this wonderful collection of music! Behind Bars will get your intermediate students behind those barred instruments, playing music designed for successful performances. The sophisticatd simplicity of these short pieces will enable your students to master them quickly, but that is just the beginning. Once your students have gained confidence playing the basic patterns and harmonies, Mari opens the door to arranging and helps you guide your students to creating performance-lengh pieces with her tried-and-true-approach.

This resource includes eleven ostinato-based pieces for barred instruments and non-pitched percussion, as well as teaching suggestions and tips for making your ensembles work. A performance CD is also included for your reference. Your students won't believe they are making such incredible music, and your audiences will be astounded.

Grades 2-5

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