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Kutamba! For Diatonic Orff Ensembles - Q29480

Price: $43.98
SKU: Q29480
Product Code: Q29480
Availability: In Stock

KUTAMBA! African and Jamaican-inspired songs for diatonic Orff ensembles by Jane Lamb

Get your audience on the edge of their seats and tapping their toes with these high-energy Orff ensemble pieces by Jane Lamb. There are seven pieces in the style of the marimba music of Zimbabwe, Africa, and five pieces in the style of the marimba music of Jamaica. Scored for Orff instruments, drums, and hand-held percussion, students in fourth- and fifth-grade Orff ensembles can easily learn these creative works and will love performing them in concert. The teacher book includes full ensemble scores and performance suggestions. The enclosed CD-ROM features reproducible instrument parts and vocal PDFs.

Song List:

  • Calypso Town
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Come To The Island
  • Hey, Hey Jamaica
  • Jamaican Dance
  • Kuda (To Like)
  • Kudzoka (To Come Back)
  • Kuenda (To Go)
  • Kuseka (To Laugh)
  • Kusvika (To Arrive)
  • Kutamba (To Dance/Play)
  • Kutenda (To Thank)

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