• Homespun: Folk Songs of Rural America - Q7572
Folk Songs of Rural America with Orff Accompaniments by Shirley W. McRae This collection of folk songs shows the heart of a people and a lingering glimpse of their values, dreams, joys, and struggles. Using Barred Instruments; Body Percussion; Unpitched Percussion and Other Instruments these Folk Songs will inspire and delight.
  • Kemo Kimo - Appalachian Folk Song
  • Granny, Will Your Dog Bite? - American Folk Song
  • Ev'ry Night When the Sun Goes In - Apalachian Folk Song
  • Shoemaker's Song - Southern Folk Song
  • Ground Hog - Southern Mountain Folk Song
  • Goodbye, Old Paint - Cowboy Song
  • Buckeye Jim - American Folk Song
  • Hush, Little Baby - Appalachian Lullaby
  • On a Long Summer Day - American Folk Song
  • Who's Got a Fish Pole? - American Folk Song
  • Don't Let the Wind Blow - St. Helena Folk Song
  • When I Go A-Ridin' - American Folk Song
  • Cotton Eye Joe - Appalachian Dance Tune

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Homespun: Folk Songs of Rural America - Q7572

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