• Windsongs Book 2: Ho Ho Watanay - E2

36 pages, 22 songs. Range BAG+ED. Stems, Rests, Ties, Ostinato. Writing Rhythm Patterns.

Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children aged six to twelve.

May also be used as a workbook as there are multiple tasks and exercises to be completed. Lyrics are included for most songs.
Contents include:
Practice: Fingering for notes B, A, G, E, and D. Note Values. "Engine, Engine" " Silent Ta " "Rain Song" "The Pancake" "Pease Porridge" "Old Mister Rabbit" " Time Pattern " "Fais Do Do" " The Dotted Half Note " "The Eagle" "The Flight" "The Witch's Brew" "Skin and Bones" " Ties " Sixteenth Notes and Friends " "Old Man There" "Hop Old Squirrel" "The Kite Song" "Ho Ho Watanay" "My Old Pal Joe" "Father is a Butcher" "Old Brass Wagon" "Ginger the Cat" "The Sandman" "Kagome" - Japanese Singing Game "Old Macdonald" "3-5-7-9-2-4-6-8" "Far Below the Sea" "Cruising" " Congratulations - a Musical-Memory Challenge.

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Windsongs Book 2: Ho Ho Watanay - E2

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