• Windsongs Book 5 : A La Claire Fontaine - E5

The Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs. Book 5. Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children aged six to twelve.

May also be used as a workbook as there are multiple tasks and exercises to be completed. 
66 pages, 60 songs. Adding C#, Eb and high register. Ledger lines above the staff. Major, minor scales. Articulation: staccato, legato, portato, slurs. Rounds, Canons, two and three part playing. Introduction to Alto and Tenor Recorders.

Lyrics are included for most songs.

Contents include:
A Word about the Arrangements " Note Values " Time Signatures " Fingering Chart " Key of C Major - Low C " "Round in C" "Springtime" "Les Cloches" "Rejoyce" "Waltz" "Mystery Tune" " Articulation " Use of Articulation " "Rejoyce" "She's like the Swallow" "Little Man in a Fix" "Folk Song" "Russian Folk Tune" "Branle de Champagne" "Branle des Sabots" "Canarie" "Bouffons" "Follow Me" "This Here Goat" "The Water is Wide" "The Keeper" " D Major - High C# " "Morning Has Broken" "Caimarusa" "Water Come to Me Eye" "Mango Walk" "This Old Man/Michael Finnegan" " The Keel Row/Fire Down Below" "Kumbayah" " Introduction to the Tenor Recorder" "Polly Wally Doodle" "Bonjour Mes Amies" "Haul on the Bowline" "Donkey Riding" "A la Claire Fontaine" "Ah! Si Mon Moine" "Lightly Row" " F Major and D Minor Scales "
"Ah! Poor Bird" "Mystery Tune" "Hungarian Canons 1 & 2" "Rise Up O Flame" "Tambourine" " G Minor and Bb Major Scales " "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home" "Toembai" "Oh! How Lovely is the Evening" "L'Apparenti Pastouriau" " A Minor and E Minor Scales " "Ghost of Tom" " Major and Minor Half Scales " Rounds, Canons, Songs, and Folk Dances " "My Goose" "London's Burning" "Kookaburra" "Le Coq est Mort" "Frog Round" "Postillion" "Tallis Canon" "Don't Throw Your Junk" "Mama Don't 'Low" "Zepperl Polka" " Hornpipe" " The Alto Recorder " Fingering E, D, and C " "Practice Tunes" Fingering A and G " "Practice Tunes" " Fingering Low B and High F# " "Practice Tunes" " Fingering Low F and Low Bb " "Practice Tunes" Ensemble arrangements: "Water Come A Me Eye"; "J'Entends le Moulin; "I'se the B'y"; "D'Ou Viens Tu Bergere"; "Entre le Boeuf"; "Baloo Baleerie"; "Shalom".

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Windsongs Book 5 : A La Claire Fontaine - E5

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