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In the B-A-G - Q71396

Price: $26.98
SKU: Q71396
Product Code: Q71396
Availability: In Stock

In the B-A-G : A collection of songs for recorder using the notes B-A-G, accompanied by classroom instruments and piano. Book and enhanced CD by Janet Day. 

Motivate with B-A-G! Keep recorder interest high with this crafty collection of eight reproducible songs that will reinforce the first three notes taught in most recorder methods. Young performers will also be exposed to a variety of musical styles from swing, salsa and reggae to rock and roll, Latin and rap. Put together your own ensemble with the reproducible accompanying parts included for Orff and percussion instruments and piano.

And there's more! An ENHANCED CD is included with hip recordings to accompany the simpler, age-appropriate recorder parts, plus PDFs of the printed recorder parts for overhead projection. Suggested for grades 4-6.

Songs include: Big, Bad B-A-G; Bonnie Bee's Boogie; The Gift of G-A-B; Hola, B-A-G!; Hot Cross Fun; Mambo Mary's B-A-G; Ragtime B-A-G; Recorder Rap; Saddle B-A-G


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