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Composing Under Construction - Q751050

Price: $26.98
SKU: Q751050
Product Code: Q751050
Availability: In Stock

Composing Under Construction - Exploring the Elements of Music Composition by D. Brian Weese. Suggested for Grades 3-6. 

Teaching composition is easy and engaging with this reproducible step-by-step workbook that guides your students through writing notes, analyzing music, and composing their own. It begins with simple notation practice, and by the last page, students will be composing six-measure melodies using a variety of notes and pitches. 

This book is especially effective in classrooms using the recorder, but flexible enough that students' compositions may be played on any pitched instrument you choose.

Contents include:

  • Recorder Fingering Chart
  • Beat Box Draft Page
  • Notation Practice
  • More Notation Practice
  • Composition #1
  • Melodic Repetition #1
  • Melodic Repetition #2
  • Composition #2
  • Melodic Direction #1
  • Melodic Direction #2
  • Composition #3
  • Musical Cadence #1
  • Musical Cadence #2
  • Composition #4
  • Home Base Note #1
  • Home Base Note #2
  • Composition #5
  • Time Signatures #1
  • Time Signatures #2
  • Composition #6
  • Composing Glossary

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