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Windsongs Book 6 - Alto Odyssey - E6

Price: $7.49
Product Code: E6
Availability: In Stock

The Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs. Book 6.

76 pages, 53 songs. Alto recorder fingering. Ensemble playing SSA, SAT, SSAT, SAT(B). Folk songs and Dances. Short history of the recorder. Intervals. Bass Clef. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Music.

Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children aged six to twelve. May also be used as a workbook as there are multiple tasks and exercises to be completed. Lyrics are included for many songs and parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate.

Contents include:
A Word about the Arrangements " Fingering Chart " Review: How to Play the Recorder " Fingering E, D, and C " "Suo Gan" " Fingering A and G " "Cruising" " Fingering Low B " "La Bergamesca" " "Nonesuch" " "A Saint-Malo" " "Farandole" " Fingering Low Bb " Fingering Low F " "Song of the Ass" " Fingering F and G " "Carousel 1 and 2" " "Gavotte" " "We Gather Together" " "Bolivian Dance" " Fingering F# " "Three Blind Mice" " Fingering High A, Bb and C " "Viva La Musica" " "G Major Scale (a Round)" " "Entendez-Vous Sur L'Ormeau" " "Donkey Round" " "A Ram Sam Sam" " Playing Up an Octave " G Major Scale " C Major Scale " F Major Scale " "Grant Us Peace" " Fingering High D " "Puer Nobis" " "Danish Lullabye" " History of the Recorder " "Robin and Marion" " "Tempus Adest Florium" " "Estampie" " "In Dulcie Jubilo" " "Trotto" " "Basse Dance" " "Pavane d'Angleterre" " "Gavotte" " "Bouffons (Sword Dance)" " "Ronde (Circle Dance)" " "Now is the Month of Maying" " "Pavana" " "De Zoete Zoomer Tyden" " "Divisions on the Carman's Whistle" " "Hornpipe" " "Minuet" " "Cotillion" " "Menuet in G Major" " "Overture" " "The Alphabet" " Introduction to Folk Dances and Folk Songs " "Red River Valley" " "Alberta Homestead" " "Early One Morning" " "English Country Garden" " "Fool's Jig" " "Lads a Bunchum" " "The Gypsy Rover" " "The Gentle Maiden" " "Jim Along Josie" " "Hold My Mule" " "Pirate's Song" " "The Crested Hen" " "French Reel" " "D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln" " "Ersko Kolo" " "Catalonian Dance" " "Bela Kawe" " "Bassez Down" " "Apat-Apat" " "Les Saluts" " "Un Canadien Errant" " "C'est L'Aviron" " "Vive La Canadienne" " "Gai Lon La, Le Rosier" " "La Laine des Moutons" " "Alto Odyssey" " References for Further Exploration.

Please see below for additional products that may be of interest. 6th in the series. Focus is on Alto recorder fingering and ensemble playing.

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