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Mallet Madness - Q2187

Price: $42.98
SKU: Q2187
Product Code: Q2187
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A collection of engaging units by Artie Almeida for using mallet instruments in the K-6 music classroom. Mallet Madness by Artie Almeida. 96 pages. A collection of engaging units for using mallet instruments in the K-6 music classroom. This is an exciting collection of activities for mallet percussion instruments that will energize your classroom and promote learning in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities through the use of songs, poems, music-to-literature connections, and reproducible flashcards. Thanks to its unique rotation system, your students will play all the mallet percussion instruments in your classroom as well as many of the non-pitched instruments. Suggestions for adapting the activities for use in classrooms with few or even no mallet instruments are also given. Whether presented as a unit or spread over a semester or school year, Mallet Madness will fully engage students and you will love the skills and musicality they develop during these lessons. Recommended for Grades K-6.

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