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Rhythm Dice Games - Q641

Price: $27.98
SKU: Q641
Product Code: Q641
Availability: In Stock

Rhythm Dice Games by Lil Traquair and Denise Gagne.

Rhythm Dice Games has been written to give students practice in naming note values, rhythm reading and rhythm writing. Students from Grade 3 and up will enjoy the games that are included in this kit.

Kit includes:
One each of the reproducible Student Worksheets " Rules for each game " Reproducible score sheets (as appropriate) " 6 copies on coloured cardstock of the gameboards for Scales and Slides and Race Track " 20 dice marked with note and rest signs

The games where students need to keep score are given as reproducibles..
Student Worksheets include:
Whole, Half, and Quarter Notes " Quarter Rests, Eighth Notes, Dotted Half Notes " Note Value Review " More Note Value Review " Measure and Bar Lines " The Time Signature " Caomplete A Measure

Games include:
Table Talk " Add Them Up " Team Play " Shake and Make 4/4 " Shake and Make 3/4 " Battling Note Values " Prediction " Higher or Lower " Scales and Slides " Race Track

Please note that teachers are permitted to copy the pages marked "reproducible" for the students in one school only. Copying for another teacher, or for another school, is not permitted. A fun way to practice naming note values, rhythm reading and rhythm writing for Grades 3 and up.

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