Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East & West Africa by Bonita Butchart Smith and Daniel Tones, with original music by Hugh Fraser and J.Chalmers Doane, and Slit-drum plans and TechEd lessons by Bruce Reid.

This CD-ROM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to music in Middle School and Junior High School that involves collaboration between the music, woodworking and social studies departments.

This unique resource takes into account the limited budgets available to most schools. In an effort to foster an interdisciplinary perspective, students are asked to perform traditional West African bell patterns on the slit-drums built earlier in their woodworking classes.

Included on the CD-ROM are lesson plans for both Music and Tech Ed/Woodworking classes, plus sound files in MP3 format. The student worksheets, maps, and scores for the original music by Hugh Fraser, J.Chalmers Doane and lyricist Lorna McPhee, are provided in PDF format. The teaching material contained in the PDF files may be duplicated for the students of one teacher at one school.

The amount of material available within this unit is amazing! There are extra teaching tips, glossaries, pictures, and pronunciation guides accessible right when needed - just click on the links.

Contents include:

Introduction: The Cross-Cultural Concept; General Music in Middle/Junior High Schools; Lesson Planning for Middle/Junior High School Music Classes; Equipment Required; Audio/Visual Resources

The Middle East: Introduction to Ancient Cultures of the Middle East; Ice-Breaker Activity; Cradle of Civilization; The Great Lyre; Lyres and Harps; Learning to Sing a Scale; Ancient Cultures: Working Through the Content: Lyres and Lutes; An Introduction to Arabic Music; A Sample of Arabic Rhythms; A Lesson Using Finger Cymbals; A Sample of Arabic Modes; An Arabic Melody; The Diaspora; A Sample of Jewish Music; Learn to Become an Ethnomusicologist; Sing and Dance "Hava Nagila"

West Africa: Introduction; Ancient West Africa - The Kingdom of Ghana; The Colonial Period; An Introduction to Music in Africa; Highlife; Highlife - Clapping and Dancing; Bells, Drums, Shakers - the Rythm Section from Ghana; Planning the Next Lessons; The Highlife Rhythm Section; Where Do We Go From Here?; Gahu; Gahu Music #2; Kpanlogo; Kpanlogo Dance Rhythm #2

Extensions: Stand Up and Count Yourself; An Introduction to Clave; An Introduction to Clave 2; Using Clave to Accompany Singing; Mystery Box Compositions; Possible Evaluation

Building Drums: Which Instrument?; Drum Construction - Teacher Notes; Drum Construction Procedure 1; Drum Construction Procedure 2; Decorating the Drum; Mallet Construction

An annotated bibliography is provided for each section.

Easy to follow, specific instructions for setup on both PC/Windows and Mac computers are included.

Culturally aware, interactive software for interdisciplinary teaching between Music, TechEd and Social Studies. For both Windows and Mac. Discontinued product. Subject to prior sale.

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