• NINO Set of 8 Mini Djembes - EMDJ-8
NINO® Percussion Elements Mini Djembes are great for small hands with a use in virtually any setting, indoors or outside. With a synthetic shell and pre-tuned plastic head, these ultra-light-weight djembes have a compact size that’s comfortable for young children interested in rhythm. These drums are available as individual drums and in 2 sets of 4 (EMDJ-4A and EMDJ-4B) and 1 set of 8 (EMDJ-8) EMDJ-8 set includes 1 each of EMDJ-LE (Lemon), EMDJ-T (Tangerine), EMDG-FE (Fire Engine) and EMDJ-BG (Bubble Gum), EMDJ-GP (Grape), EMDJ-BB (Blueberry). EMDJ-SF (Sea Foam), and EMDJ-GA (Green Apple).
Size Materials Features 6" (15cm) head
10 1/2" (27cm) tall
Synthetic shell
Plastic head
100% plastic head and shell is perfect for outdoor playing Ultra-lightweight makes them easy to carry
Compact size
Available in EMDJ-LE, Lemon EMDJ-T, Tangerine EMDJ-FE, Fire Engine EMDJ-BG, Bubble Gum, EMDJ-GP, Grape, EMDJ-BB, Blueberry, EMDJ-SF, Sea Foam, EMDJ-GA Green Apple

NINO Set of 8 Mini Djembes - EMDJ-8

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