Gothic Torch inlay decal - Abalone - JIS-108

  • Gothic Torch inlay decal - Abalone  - JIS-108
Brand: JOCKOMO Inlay Stickers
Product Code: JIS-108
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The gothic torch inlay decal in the abalone colourway is a good size for the headstock or body of your guitar or bass. 

Easily add an extra dimension to your guitar or bass with decorative, inlay-look decals.

Inlay decals are made from PET, and are only 0.07mm (or 0.00276 inches) thick.

- When applied following the manufacturer’s directions, these super-thin inlay decals will not become caught under your fingers while playing.

- They do not affect string action or sound. 

- No adhesive is left behind if you choose to remove the decal. 

- Common ukulele/guitar cleaners and conditioning oils will not affect the decal.  For best adhesion it is a good idea to wait several weeks after using a cleaning/oil product before applying your decal. 

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