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Aquila GCEA strings for Baritone ukulele - AQ23UB

Price: $9.98
Product Code: AQ23UB
Availability: In Stock

All four strings in this set are made of white Nylgut.

Aquila strings are made in Italy of their patented Nylgut material. Nylgut is a synthetic material developed to combine the longevity of nylon strings with the superior tone of gut strings. Nylgut has acoustical qualities nearly identical to that of gut, and is the first truly successful synthetic version of the natural product.

Other benefits of Nylgut strings include increased resistance to wear under tension and extraordinary immunity to changes of climate and humidity.

Aquila strings are easy to play and have a rich, warm tone. They are a top choice of ukulele players worldwide.

For customers with baritone ukuleles who would like to use GCEA (High A, or C tuning)

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