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Teach Music Reading with Boomwhackers - Q345

Price: $33.00
SKU: Q345
Product Code: Q345
Availability: In Stock

Teach Music Reading with Boomwhakers by Denise Gagne.


  • Teacher's guide with songs and teaching suggestions
  • Projectable Boomwhacker notation with embedded audio
  • Worksheets to teach, reinforce and assess music reading
  • Accompaniment Tracks

You've had sets of Boomwhackers® forever, but what do you do with them? In this resource, Denise takes you through a sequential process that will help your students in Grades 2-5 learn to read rhythms, melodies, and chords. There are 55 musical examples for students to play, with fun accompaniment tracks. To make this really easy to teach, you will find included a projectable PDF formatted for screen or IWB, of both Kids Notes (letter names shown on the note) and Colored Boomwhacker notation to teach about chords, a chords projectable is included. The audio files are embedded in the PDF. The teacher's guide includes worksheets to introduce the staff, letter names, composition and mad minutes as well as notes on how to teach music reading using Boomwhackers. This resource is classroom tested and is a great way to introduce reading notation to your elementary music students.

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