• BOOMWHACKER 27 tube pack - BW27CP
Add Boomwhackers to your class time with these pitched, colorful tubes, matching stickers, and a BONUS! Free Play-Along DVD from Fun Music Company for an interactive, musical experience! Set includes two 8 note diatonic sets, one 5 note chromatic set, one 6 note pentatonic set, one set of 8 Octavator caps, one pack of Chroma-Notes stickers and a bonus Play Boomwhackers DVD.
2 x 8-Note Low C to High C Diatonic Sets (BWD-8) 1 x 5-Note Chromatic Set (BWC-5) 1 x 6-Note C Major Pentatonic Scale (BWP-6) 1 x Set of 8 Octavator Caps (OC-8) 1 x Set of Chroma-Notes Stickers  

BOOMWHACKER 27 tube pack - BW27CP

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