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Primary handbook for MALLETS - Q317126

Price: $19.98
SKU: Q317126
Product Code: Q317126
Availability: In Stock

Primary Handbook for Mallets. A beginning Method with Play-Along CD by Garwood Whaley

Internationally acclaimed by today's leading teachers, Primary Handbook for Mallets (xylophone, marimba, vibes and bells) is designed for the beginner at any age. This method provides a complete introduction to mallet playing for private lesson or classroom use. The play-along CD also makes this the ideal self-instruction method.

  • Play-along CD features recordings for every exercise
  • Systematic approach designed for the very beginning student
  • Adopted by today's leading mallet/keyboard percussion educators
  • Technique-builders including scales and chords
  • Flexibility/control exercises
  • Duets (either part can be played with the CD)
  • Reading studies
  • Composition exercises to develop creativity (as outlined in the National Standards for Arts Education)
  • 4 mallet studies
  • Familiar tunes for memory development

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