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NINO 15-piece rhythm set with wooden box - NINOSET515-WB

Price: $235.00 $176.25
1 or more $0.00
Brand: NINO
Product Code: NINOSET515-WB
Availability: In Stock


This NINO® Rhythm set includes 15 individual instruments. They are perfect for use in kindergarten, schools, or percussion groups. These collections of different instruments are the ideal way to explore the complete NINO® world of percussion and rhythm.

1 x Wood Guiro (NINO555)
1 x Triangle, 6” (NINO551)
1 x Plastic Egg Maracas pair, red (NINO569R)
1 x Mini Guiro (NINO581R)
1 x Egg Shaker (NINO540LY)
1 x Racket Tambourine (NINO518)
1 x Wood Claves pair, small (NINO502)
1 x Energy Chimes, medium (NINO579M)
1 x Wood A-Go-Go, 2 rows (NINO560)
1 x Double Shaker (NINO503)
1 x Triangular wooden Shakers, set of 3 (NINO508)
1 x Banana Shaker (NINO597)
1 x Wooden Box for storage

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