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Exploring Rhythm Instruments - Q50

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Exploring Rhythm Instruments by Joe Berarducci.

38 pages. Written primarily for teachers of children in pre-schools and elementary schools, this book aims to introduce the instruments through name, illustration and classification; provide a brief word about the origin or background of the instruments; suggest ways to play them to good effect; suggest ways to utilize the instruments effectively and successfully; and suggest ways to integrate them into various parts of a program.

Contents include:
Foreword ; Percussion instruments: Illustration, Abbreviation and Symbols ; Pitched Percussion ' Playing the Instruments ; About Instruments ; Non-Pitched Metal Percussion: Agogo Bells, Bell tree, Cabazza, Crash and Suspended Cymbals, Finger Cymbals, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine, Tam-Tam (Gong), Triangle ; Non-Pitched Skin Percussion: Bongo, Hand and Conga Drums ; Non-Pitched Wood Percussion: Castanets, Claves, Guiro, Maracas, Sand Blocks, Temple Blocks, Wood Block ; Pitched Percussion: Barred Instruments, Xylophones, Metallophones, Glockenspiels, Roto-Toms ; Ideas for the use of Non-Pitched Percussion instruments ; Glossary of Terms ; Bibliography

An excellent guide to teaching and playing a variety of rhythm instruments by Joe Berarducci.

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