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Teacher's Guide to Classroom Ukulele Method - Q620

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Product Code: Q620
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Teacher's Guide to Classroom Ukulele (revised) by J. Chalmers Doane.

64 pages. Companion guide to the book Classroom Ukulele Method, this manual not only provides guidelines for each individual lesson, but also gives invaluable, experienced advice on such pedagogical topics as classroom discipline, pacing of lessons and assignments, parental involvement and a host of other subjects of interest and importance to the teacher.

Contents include:
Part One: Lesson Notes in consecutive order.
Part Two: Pedagogy on various aspects of teaching Ukulele. Topics include:
Assignments " Attendance " Classroom Control " Classroom Setup " Choosing an Instrument " Dealing with School Principals and School Boards " Discipline in your Program " Does Each Student Need a Book? " The First Lesson " How Many in a Class? " Dealing with Skeptics " Teaching Your Students to Practice " Importance of Demonstrating " Importance of Scales " Interest Tests " Left-Handed Students " Pacing " Parents' Meetings " Playing by Ear " Psychology of Class Approach " Rituals Give Students Security " Singing " Soft Pick " Strumming as a Discipline Problem " Student Selection " Talking in Class " Teaching Adults " Teaching an Unscreened Class " Teacher's Equipment " Tuning " Who Buys the Instrument? " Ten Easy Ways to Fail with Your Ukulele Program

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by J. Chalmers Doane. Provides guidelines for the individual lessons in Classroom Ukulele Method, Q600. Low A (D6) tuning.

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