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    SUZUKI Orff Starter Set, 19 instruments - SSS-IIIR
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    SUZUKI Orff Starter Set, 13 instruments - SSS-IR
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SUZUKI Orff Starter Set, 15 instruments - SSS-IIR

Price: $1,735.00
Product Code: SSS-IIR
Availability: In Stock

Based on the recommendations of several Orff teachers, we have assembled four basic starter sets. All the basic instrument categories are represented to bring you as many varied tone colours and textures as possible.

SXD-16 Soprano xylophone
AXD-16 Alto xylophone
SMD-16 Soprano metallophone
GCS-16 Soprano glockenspiel

GCA-16 Alto glockenspiel
ETB-5 Temple blocks
TD-14 14" (35cm) Timpani drum  
ST-10 4" (10cm) triangle
STB-30 Suzuki hand drum 12" (30cm)
STR-25 Suzuki tambourine 10" (25cm)
E574 Wooden agogos
E575 Double tone block
E680 Rosewood claves
E697 Brass cymbals 7" (18cm)
E741 Mexican hardwood maracas
E981 Deluxe sleigh bell



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