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GROOVEMASTER 12" (30cm) Tunable Air Djembe - GMAD-12

Price: $195.00
Product Code: GMAD-12
Availability: In Stock

The durable, synthetic tunable head has excellent sound quality, yet is not susceptible to pitch changes due to weather fluctuations as experienced with natural heads. Tuned with high quality rope with a generous number of tuning loops using the famous Mali weave tuning system, and tied in a very convenient sailing chain style. This allows for faster tuning and retying while maintaining pitch.

Both head rings and the stem ring are made from top quality metals, and a generous amount of tuning rope will handle tuning changes over many years. 

The GMP air escape system permits sound to project when the drum sits on the floor while being played, thus allowing the user a choice of holding the drum while playing or letting it sit on the floor for greater ease and comfort. Perfect for school drumming programs, seniors workshops, drum circles and community events. Even preschool children can get a great sound and play with ease.

The air djembe features a rounded playing edge for comfortable strikes as seen in the highest quality djembes.

An attractive, colourful sarong cloth finish with a very tough resin coating will keep the djembe looking new for years. Patterns and colours will vary.

The wide flared bottom of the air djembe gives a bigger bass sound and increases stability if the user decides not to hold the drum while playing. The rubber bottom edge resists slipping when the drum is played at an angle, and also protects both the drum and hardwood floors from damage.

Head size is 12"(30cm) and the djembe stands 24" (60 cm) tall.

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