Fret marker decals for Guitar - Tree of Life in Mixed "Abalone" - JIS-92

  • Fret marker decals for Guitar - Tree of Life in Mixed "Abalone" - JIS-92
Brand: JOCKOMO Inlay Stickers
Product Code: JIS-92
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Fret marker inlay decal Tree of Life stickers in a colourful, pearlized blue, green and pink "abalone" mix add detail to your fretboard. All are sized to cover standard 5mm (0.2inch) fret dots. Suitable for guitars of any size. 

Easily enhance your guitar with this package of 9 decorative inlay-look decals. 

Inlay decals are made from PET, and are only 0.07mm (or 0.00276 inches) thick.

- When applied following the manufacturer’s directions, these super-thin inlay decals will not become caught under your fingers while playing.

- They do not affect string action or sound. 

- No adhesive is left behind if you choose to remove the decal. 

- Common ukulele/guitar cleaners and conditioning oils will not affect the decal.  For best adhesion it is a good idea to wait several weeks after using a cleaning/oil product before applying your decal. 

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