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BEATBOX World Music Drumming 101 - Q71706

Price: $38.98
SKU: Q71706
Product Code: Q71706
Availability: Out of stock

Kids love to drum! No matter what instruments you have or don't have, BeatBox will get you started! Experience a variety of world drumming styles as you accompany folk melodies and original songs. Create the basic pattern used by rock drummers, recreate the sound of a mbira (thumb piano) with xylophones, form your own Haitian meringue ensemble, learn lively body percussion from the long tradition of hambone and step-dancing, or a lively fiddle tune with an Irish Bodhran drumming part. Experiment with call and response, layered ostinatos, syncopation and improvisation; learn the Bamboo Tamboo from the Caribbean, the Highlife from West Africa, and how to make a drum talk! Helpful step-by-step learning is included, along with cross cultural connections and historic fun facts, and suggestions on how to use the instruments you already have. The enclosed Enhanced CD offers performance and instrumental tracks for each song, and PDFs of songsheets and instrument parts for printing and projection options.

Transform music time with BeatBox and let the rhythms flow!



Bamboo Tamboo ime

Mbira: All Thumbs

Knock on Wood

Merry Meringue

Highlife Christmas

StompPaTap/Long John

Map Rap

The Little Beggarman

Boom Boom Share a Drum

Take Four

Good News! Summer is Coming

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