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Recorder Monster: Interactive - Q251034

Price: $32.98
SKU: Q251034
Product Code: Q251034
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Suggested for Grades 3–6 • Step inside a world of silly lyrics, happy monsters, and rigorous music instruction with the Recorder Monster curriculum by Mari Schay. This interactive software package works with any computer with a mouse, and is optimized for use with SMART and Promethean Boards. If you don’t have one of those, you can take advantage of its full functionality using a projector and a mouse, or let students explore on their own with individual computers. 

Great features include: 

Staff Meeting - Drag notes to the staff to see their letter names and fingerings 

Lessons - Recorder Monster presents new concepts in a concise and entertaining way. Watch the quick lesson at the beginning of each class session to review new pitches, rhythms, and symbols. 

Warm-ups - Play Fancy Fingers exercises to practice new fingerings, and use Rockin' Rhythms to practice new rhythms with a fun accompaniment track. 

Repertoire - Put the music on the board and help your students play songs that use their new skills. Listen to the performance track to hear what the final performance will sound like. When students are familiar with a song, use the accompaniment track to add a layer of monster fun (and keep them in a steady tempo!)  

Review - At the end of each unit, play a review game that tests students' knowledge of each symbol, pitch and rhythm that they've learned.

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