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Price: $2,400.00
Product Code: HANDPAN
Availability: In Stock

The handpan is a hand-made musical instrument that is played by hand, either in your lap or on a table or floor resting on a donut ring.  Handpans produce a beautiful resonant sound that is both meditative and mesmerizing.

This 24” diameter handpan is tuned to the Aeolian scale and has 9 notes, including the central bass note called the "ding". Variations in tone are obtained by striking different areas around each of the notes. This handpan is packaged with a deluxe padded carrying bag and a donut ring.  

Due to the size and sound detail of this instrument special care must be taken in packaging and shipping. Please note that our standard shipping rates do not apply to the handpan packages. Please contact us for a shipping quote specific to your location.

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