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REMO tunable djembé - DJ-0014-05
Based on the traditional drum of the Mandingo people of West Africa, the Djembé maintains a long history in African cultural and healing traditions. Remo's tunable Djembés provide a superb sound with a wide range of pitch adjustment. 14" x 24". Earth colourway. Very limited quantities. Subject to prior sale. ..
SKU: DJ-0014-05
$462.00 $325.00
Windsongs Book 3 - Old Style Cover - SCC-E3
Single colour cover. Limited quantities available. The Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs. Book 3. 40 pages, 27 songs. Adding C, C1 and D1. Time Pattern 6/8. G major half scale. Ledger line for low C. Phrase D.C. al Fine. Dynamics, Anacrusis. Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children age..
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East and West Africa - Q102
Music Cross-Cultural Explorations CD-ROM: The Middle East & West Africa by Bonita Butchart Smith and Daniel Tones, with original music by Hugh Fraser and J.Chalmers Doane, and Slit-drum plans and TechEd lessons by Bruce Reid. This CD-ROM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to music in Middle School and Junior High School that involves c..
SKU: Q102
Note Book, 18x25cm - EM3410
Sold individually. Ring bound notebooks have durable front and back covers.  10" x 7" (25 x 18cm) ..
SKU: EM3410
Ukulele Bartt's Ultimate Ukulele DVD - QBARTT
Ukulele Bartt's Ultimate Ukulele DVD by Bartt Warburton. 60 minutes of DVD lessons as Ukulele Bartt takes you step-by-step through the learning curve. You'll be strumming within minutes, finger-picking within the hour, and loving life forever! Go straight to your favourite section, or watch the whole thing: Crystal clear explanations, innova..
$19.98 $15.98
Fun with the Ukulele - Q3270
Fun with the Ukulele written by Mel Bay. 40 pages, 22 songs. Beginning method book presents tuning, positioning, basic chords and folk songs for strumming and singing. Each song includes lyrics and a suggested strumming pattern. Contents include: Tuning the Ukulele " Pitch Pipes " Holding the Ukulele and the Pick " The Left Hand " The Finger..
SKU: Q3270
You Can Teach Yourself Uke - DVD - Q809
You Can Teach Yourself Uke - DVD taught by William Bay. The basics of playing the ukulele in one convenient format. Learn how to tune the ukulele, hold the uke, and strum in different time signatures. You'll also learn to play 58 all-time great ukulele songs in the keys of C, G, D, F and Bb. Step-by-step instruction provides hours of fun and enj..
SKU: Q809
Wood & Echoes - Q662
Wood & Echoes ukulele CD by Kevin Birkbeck Song List Spring Theme/Rondeau - Vivaldi/Mouret Romance - Anonymous/Birkbeck Theme and Variations on America/God Save the Queen - attr.Bull Waves - Birkbeck Together - Birkbeck Freight Train/Up Above My Head/Victory Rag - Cotton/gospel tune/anonymous Star Spangled Banner/Battle Hym..
SKU: Q662
$16.98 $7.50
Fun with Strums - Baritone Ukulele - Q3356
Fun with Strums - Baritone Ukulele by William Bay. 40 pages, 29 songs. A collection of folk and bluegrass songs selected to aid the beginning baritone uke player in playing strums suitable for diverse time signatures and tempos. Includes chord diagrams for the principal chords in each key, plus instruction on tuning and playing position. An exce..
SKU: Q3356
Picture Chord Pocket Guide for Guitar - Q5804
Picture Chord Pocket Guide published by Hal Leonard. 255 pages. Black and white photos. A comprehensive source for chords, for all playing styles and levels. It contains two easy-to-play voicings of 40 chord qualities for each of the twelve musical keys. These chords and their fingerings have been chosen for their playability and their practical..
SKU: Q5804
Best-Loved Children's Songs - Q46035
Toddlers and young children love to sing and dance to classic nursery rhymes and songs. This activity strengthens bonds with family, encourages brain development and musicality, and most important, it's fun! This beautiful, illustrated, keepsake collection of over 100 classic nursery rhymes, playground songs, activity tunes, and memory rhymes en..
SKU: Q46035
The Christmas Family Songbook - Q44362
The holidays are a time of simple togetherness with family and friends, and nothing brings people closer than singing songs with loved ones. To help elevate your celebrations, this definitie collection features over 100 of the most popular Christmas songs, all arranged to be easily playable at the family piano. A multimedia disc within (in DVD-ROM ..
SKU: Q44362
Music Playing Cards: Classical Composers - Q393
Alfred's Music Playing Cards: Classical Composers are an exciting and innovative resource to help students become familiar with the great composers.  These are real playing cards divided into four suits, each representing a different compositional era of music: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. Each suit contains 13 composer ca..
Rockin' Poppin' Mallets - Student Edition 20-Pack - Q9124
Rockin' Poppin' Mallets - Singer 20-pack arranged by Tom Anderson. 20 copies of the vocals and instrument parts for student use. Recommended for grades 4-8. Songs include: Don't Worry, Be Happy; Oye Como Va; Limbo Rock; R.O.C.K. in the USA (a salute to 60's rock); La Bamba; Rock and Roll, Part II (The Hey Song); Somewhere Out There; Footloos..
SKU: Q9124
Discovering Orff - A Curriculum for Music Teachers - Q470
Discovering Orff - A Curriculum for Music Teachers by Jane Frazee with Kent Kreuter. 224 pages, 200 musical examples. Sets forth basic principles for working with Orff-Schulwerk and provides a step-by-step process for their implementation in the classroom. This structure thus provides a reasonable progression from simple to more complex objectiv..
SKU: Q470
Move, Sing, Listen, Play - Q480
Move, Sing, Listen, Play - Preparing the Young Child for Music written by Donna Wood. 214 pages. Designed to turn young children towards music. Divided into three parts: The Child, The Music, The Teacher. Multiple suggestions for use with children from birth to six years. Contents include: The Child: The First Five Stages: Infants and Toddle..
SKU: Q480
Essential Rhythm Activities for the Music Classroom - Q29
Essential Rhythm Activities for the Music Classroom by Eric Branscome. Essential Rhythm Activities for the Music Classroom is a fantastic supplemental resource for music teachers, home school teachers, or general education instructors who wish to incorporate music into their lessons. The enjoyable learning games and activities in this collection..
SKU: Q29
This Is Music! Volume 1: Fiddle Over the Moon - Q23805
Vol. 1: Pre-Kindergarten.  For those teachers with little or no music background and seasoned professionals who just don't have time to gather lesson plans, the This Is Music series is exactly what they need to teach music in a classroom setting! The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance. I..
SKU: Q23805
Rhythm Workshop - Q38270
RHYTHM WORKSHOP by Sally K. Albrecht This reproducible book will encourage and enable your students to develop solid rhythmic reading skills. It features 100 pages containing 575 rhythm exercises in a variety of time signatures. New concepts are introduced and combined together to challenge and motivate your students. The comb binding creates a ..
SKU: Q38270
Composer Songs - Q41675
Meet 12 famous composers through song. Arr. with new words by Sally K. Albrecht. This clever collection features music of the masters with words that teach about their lives. Includes unison arrangements of well-known works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century periods. Equip your music history toolbox with th..
SKU: Q41675
Suzuki Tonechime Arrangements Vol.5 - Inspirational Songs - Q204
Suzuki Tonechime Arrangements Vol.5 - Inspirational Songs Songs include: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands; Michael, Row the Boat Ashore; We Shall Overcome; Amazing Grace; Rock of Ages; Faith of Our Fathers; All Through the Night 7 Religious and inspirational songs for three octave sets of tonechimes or bells. Note reading is not require..
SKU: Q204
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